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When it comes to Swazis, Amnesty International's commitment is wanting

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In my usual but not unfounded assumptions, I am sadly presumptuous that the word xenophobia had it been subjected to a thorough scrutiny amongst our trusted representatives (for we cannot all go there) at the United Nations whether in Geneva or the headquarters in New York would not have been allowed to exist in this world because we have since discovered that it is the enzymatic factor propelling man to develop unfounded hatred of man against man of which some of the peoples in our societies of the world have since found it proper that xenophobia as defined should be appraised and actually implemented.  

The word xenophobia would not have escaped the vigilant brilliancy of our Security Council, whose vision and power is just like the gravitational force that draws everything to itself and cannot allow even light to pass through the black hole as the physicists put it.  

Had this word been dissected to its basic anatomical and histological composition as created and God knows by who or what society of languages it would not have been allowed to exist in our world because for sure it did not drop down from the heavens like manna as it happened with the Israelis, the chosen children when God Almighty was on their side feeding them (Exodus Chapter 16). Because of the existence of the word xenophobia, some of our fellow beings feel duty-bound to implement its true meaning, which is none but hatred and abuse of those who do not belong to their own families and countries for reasons that cannot be meaningfully and legally acceptable anywhere.  
Our individual country governments claim that they have no say concerning the victimisation of what they regard as foreigners yet at the disregard of international immigration laws we continue to eject those hated and unwanted human beings. Xenophobia in its true sense and as defined fuels so much animosity amongst people where the perpetrators perpetually regard and view foreigners not as potential partners but actual imminent foes.   

Apart from being difficult in spelling and pronunciation this word has gotten to implore mankind to engage himself and come up with pronouncements bordering on illicit connotations and activities that leave our mouths gaping as though we died a hopeless death over a thousand years ago.  If I was capable of swearing and if it made sense to anybody I would have laid my head on the block and had it chopped off for the simple reason that the God who loves us and teaches us to love one another would not have come up with the word xenophobia where everybody is encouraged to hate and dislike any and every human being that is not from his homestead.

Like as usual because of the confidence I have in our universities, and in particular ours, that we have in the kingdom it is my fervent hope that the students of linguistics and languages dream so as to come up with the scientific explanation of this word xenophobia and to come up with reasons as to why the founders made sure of its perpetual existence by having it imprinted in the Oxford English dictionaries and encyclopedia where everybody would read on their own that as put it means ‘INTENSE DISLIKE OR FEAR OF FOREIGNERS OR STRANGERS’ yet in our Swazi way of life we have been schooled without the interruption of corruption that a stranger is just a friend you do not know.  

Take a leaf from the Bible in Luke 10 verses 30–37, the story of the Good Samaritan.
As far as our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lutfo Dlamini, is concerned this country is neighbourly to all nations and that is demonstrated by our fully fledged membership to the United Nations, to the African Authority, to the Commonwealth, to the Non Aligned Movement, to the sub regional organisations such as SADC, where His Majesty King Mswati III is Chairman of the TROIKA organ on defence and security. 

In this country we also have non-governmental organisations which I do believe are working freely for the benefit of our Swazi people and to the satisfaction of donor countries, agencies and churches.  At the mercy of the media we have got to know and appreciate the creation of Amnesty International with its noble principles.

To us the simple people of Africa, Amnesty International as an organisation has always been viewed and not taken for granted as a toothless watch-dog that worries itself and cares about those who cannot help themselves and minorities of whatever type and from any region.  We have always viewed it as a body that stands for peace and never shuns bringing up forthrightly and at appropriate times to the awareness of the world what the helpless victims who not by choice undergo intense suffering at the hands of those who design and have the means to subject their victims.  

Ever since the demise of concepts and ideologies that divided us as compounded by the leaders of the powerful countries, we want to believe that with the world ushering in to space science and with the aid of information technology (and God bless those scientists and countries) everywhere and everybody has access to information which is why some of us believe that Amnesty International has it on her fingertips as to what is happening in the world and likewise being vigilant and careful about what happens in our individual countries of nations, which makes us dream of hope that even as we linger in our quest for freedom and a right to life as individuals have its recognition and support.  
Being a mere Swazi national in the south eastern corner of Africa, I may not be aware of the requirements that constitute the membership of this noble organisation, of which if somehow what I am writing gets to be on the pathway of the members of Amnesty International should not be held in contempt when raising issues to their awareness that are of concern to the voiceless and the unknown.  Without being picky and choosy and with no mandate, I somehow wonder if Amnesty International itself ever bothers to explore without coercion to please or to displease anybody on circumstances surrounding especially those who are helpless.  

Just like the English expression says; ‘charity begins at home’, we as Swazis obviously have to worry about our stand when it comes to the rating amongst nations as per the declaration of the United Nations on human rights.  
For me and anybody else in this country to hide behind the excuse that I am not part of government so as not to know what is partaking in Swaziland is actually utter nonsense measured in any manner and to any degree because here we all have as per the constitution to espouse that which is for the benefit of a Swazi, whether within and or without the borders of our confined country, which has found itself restricted and landlocked with no access to the sea as a result of the lucrative agreements between the British, the Portuguese and the Boers at the expense of the Swazis, which is a story yet to be revisited by Border Adjustment Committee.  
Do not get me wrong I am not about trying to speak on behalf of government and especially the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs the vibrant Lutfo Dlamini and the rest of the personnel in his ministry, which includes our diplomatic missions from neighbouring states and across the seas. 

But somehow hearing from others who are concerned we feel like Amnesty International should at the earliest opportune time address the question of xenophobia in countries everywhere and Swaziland not being excluded. Have you heard, call it rumours if you so desire but in terms of human rights and a right to live has it come to the awareness of Amnesty International that some Swazis have been verbally and physically abused, threatened and at worst killed not for insulting anybody, not for rape, not for stealing but just for being merely Swazis in a neighbouring state where we were not expecting Amnesty International to revive them but at least hear and get it from this organisation denouncing these atrocities which include murder where murder was not called for concerning our Swazi brothers and sisters where we have no say.

Are we now at the stage where regardless of the mayhem calculated and targeted to the helpless have to go by what they call history repeating itself? How about you resummoning your senses to engage and find out from the student of history of the University of Swaziland over the events that took place where I may not be the one to lecture you for you already know about the experiences of the Jews whose only sin was having being born Jewish in the then country of Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler of which up till today we still hear of people vocally and proudly praising Hitler and if anything go to the extent that he did less for not exterminating from the face of the world anything and anybody that was Jewish.

If it escaped us as I said, we are in the dark corners of civilisation has anybody from anywhere somehow come to let us know publicly that Amnesty International has declared even to a point of soliciting the assistance of the United Nations that it is not fair and it is not right for anyone of us in this world as the creatures of God to be made scapegoats and threatened in any manner in our capacity as individuals and nations such as it has happened with our Swazi nationals who have violently lost their lives simply because they were Swazis accused of having rightfully gained employment for the simple purpose of improving their livelihood?

I stand to be corrected and to be educated but somehow I have this pessimism that when it comes to Swaziland and Swazis Amnesty International, which I have respect for because of its defined moral ethics, I find its commitment wanting.

Geography is a very wide field and with the little knowledge I have of the world I cannot be in a position to tell anyone about the pains some countries experience which is why our eyes and ears will forever look up and hear what is pronounced from that body of Amnesty International.  From the perspective of my country commonly inadvertently referred to as poor little Swaziland we are magnanimously in support of the Non Aligned Organisation of international states that do not look up and down at countries and their citizenry of whatever kind and type.

Is this not the reason why our own head of state King Mswati III got a resounding send off to Egypt where he represented us and to reaffirm our global commitment to peaceful existence? He by God’s grace and design has proved his resilience in the reaffirmation of mutual coordinated livelihood of nations irrespective of geographical positioning.  
President Barak Obama of the United States of America of whom we have high hopes of here in Swaziland is one of the greatest heroes ever to grace our world because of his reconciliatory and diplomatic approach on international crises together with his esteemed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is well informed on both American and International affairs believe that a new chapter will be opened on the coordination of mutual co-existence and respect amongst nations, something that is the blueprint of the United Nations Charter which calls for revere and recognition of all states as being Sovereign without anybody bearing at the back of their minds their level of economic and military sophistication.  

Obama’s physical appearance, personal interaction and observation here in Africa hope will help him make meaningful decisions regarding our continent which will be incorporated in the legacy of his presidency.  A man of his stature and intelligence does not need a nonentity like me to lecture him to visit this country and that but trusting his own intuition and going by the reports of his officials in any given state we are still of the belief that anyone of our African countries will stand truthfully represented and portrayed for what it truly is in the reports he receives at the west wing in the oval office of the White House in Washington DC, USA.

Because again we believe that he is not the type of man who relishes and strives on propaganda of whatever make and from any source. This declaration emanates from our observation of his charismatic character and the way he carried and pronounced himself on issues pertinent to America’s concerns and the world.  

From distant surveillance with no power to influence the outcome it again remains our hope that in the position Obama holds that international organisations and countries will have access to the oval office, the House of Representatives and Senate where after having explained themselves will make him and the House of Congress come up with informed decisions concerning any country unlike the European nations including England who after having been duped by Adolf Hitler had the whole world engaged in a disastrous war with the extermination of human beings in their millions including Africans for the benefit of his own ambition.  

I would hope that our government under the leadership of His Excellency the Honourable Prime Minister, Dr. Sibusiso Dlamini and through his Minister of Foreign Affairs would have these questions raised at the levels they might consider appropriate where this question of xenophobia should be tabled to the awareness of SADC, the African Authority, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Non Aligned, the United Nations and if it comes to a push to Obama himself and the US Congress.  Believe me we are suffering.  

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