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Tsc come to our rescue

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May you kindly publish my letter in your daily newspaper. I am a responsible parent in one of the schools in the Lubombo region who pays all fees in time; right now I have paid for the whole year.

There is lack of teachers in this school such that our children do not learn efficiently. I ask myself why this is happening when there are so many high school qualified teachers in primary schools.

There is a vacant post in the Siswati department; it has been like this ever since they promoted one teacher to be deputy at Mthonjeni High school. Nobody has replaced this teacher since early last year and what is happening to our children? When we ask why, we are told that the principal allegedly ubekele umuntfu wakhe, who is currently teaching in one of the schools in the Hhohho region.

This particular teacher is still on probation and that she tried to transfer but failed because of that reason. Please, the TSC should come to our rescue because this has been happening for two consecutive years.
This teacher is said to be hired part time. What is that? Does the ministry allow that one teacher teaches at two schools kudlalelwani ngalabantfwana betfu. She comes on weekends and holidays to teach our   children, who have paid to be taught full time and I understand she is given E4 000. Where does all that money come from? If from the school fund, why mismanage the funds because there which government who pays all teachers in Swaziland.

This teacher is still fresh from college, but the principal has found her mastermind to teach in two schools at the same time. Please rescue us TSC, otherwise that old man is destroying our school and nyalo there is a relief teacher  contracted lobambele this master mind teacher and I do not think she puts much effort because she knows she would leave.

James Dlamini (parent)

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