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I have been suspended for E6.2 million theft'

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PIGG’S PEAK – Pigg’s Peak Station Commander Charles Ndlovu and his assistant, Victor Nkambule, are faced with suspension from the police service.

The two were recently transferred to other posts and assigned other duties as well, which some believe to be demotions. The transfers were described as routine by the police around this time of the year.

The suspensions are to be effected following their summons to the police headquarters, where a senior officer allegedly told them to expect letters of suspension.

While the station Commander Ndlovu confirmed having been called to the headquarters, where they were told to expect letters of suspension, police Public Relations Officer Vusi Masuku vehemently denied that the two had been suspended.

The suspensions are in relation to the E6.2million robbery at the police station recently.


"The suspension was communicated to me by a senior officer after I had been vigorously questioned on the theft of the money at the station. The questioning was specific and related to the theft and nothing else. The questioning as far as I’m concerned was some form of hearing," Ndlovu said, albeit reluctantly.

Following the questioning, Ndlovu said Nkambule called to inform him that he had also been summoned to the headquarters.

Subsequent to all this, Ndlovu is said to have received a call from headquarters confirming what had been communicated to him earlier in regards to his suspension.

"I was told that I would be getting a letter from the CSC (Civil Service Commission) formalising my suspension. I am still waiting for the letter," Ndlovu said.

He then called his subordinates and informed them of his suspension.

Junior officers at the police station, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Ndlovu had informed them that he had been suspended for the E6.2million theft.

He had another meeting with the junior officers on Monday, where he again is said to have informed them of his suspension and that he was on his way to Manzini.

"I am still not sure why are we are being suspended because we had nothing to do with the robbery," said Ndlovu.

Though reluctant, Ndlovu said he believed that his transfer had everything to do with the robbery but he did not want to go into details.

Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Vusi Masuku dismissed claims that the two had been suspended.


He said the fact that they were still reporting for duty meant they had not been suspended. Masuku said for now the two had pending transfers to their new postings.

"According to the principle of natural justice, before a suspension is effected one has to be summoned for a fair hearing. It can only be on the outcome of the hearing whether the officer concerned can be suspended or not pending the investigation of the inquiry. However, that prerequisite has not been done, which is an indication that the officers have not been suspended. No person can be suspended verbally," said the police’s mouthpiece.

Masuku further dismissed reports that the two had been summoned to the headquarters.

Ndlovu’s assertions that he was told to wait for a letter confirming the suspension were strongly dismissed by Masuku.

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