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SPTC IS not moved by fixed mobile opposition

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MBABANE – Nathi Dlamini, Managing Director of SPTC, is adamant that amid opposition, they would go ahead with introducing the fixed mobile network this year.

He was speaking during the Swazi Telecom Charity Trust Fund Distribution Programme held at Mountain Inn yesterday.

Dlamini, who obviously could not contain his emotions over the issue, said; "What should be understood is that there is nothing as unstoppable as an idea whose time has come; this is the time of transformation and we are bound by compelling vision to get over to the other side."

"By Spring this year, people will be using our first fixed network cellphones. The opposition is rising but we are not deterred; we are saying we are right and we will not give in. We will keep matching forward despite the obstacles. We will go over any obstacles; if we can’t, we will go under them and if they do not move, we are going to forcefully remove them," he sternly said.


Dlamini said there had always been forces that stood in their way when they wanted to introduce new initiatives. When SPTC wanted to introduce broadband, Dlamini said; "We were told by experts that broadband was impossible for SPTC without an investor. We have it now and we are proud of our achievements; we have achieved all this because we are united by one vision and compelling goal."

"Not too long ago, about three years ago, the obituary of SPTC was written on the sands. Its imminent demise was partly led by self interest, greed and corruption. However, we decided to take a position and it has not been without opposition. Nothing is as unstoppable as an idea whose time has come; it is now time for transformation. We are bound by compelling vision to get over to the other side and since those times, we have never dared look back because SPTC’s history is filled with skeletons that we are ashamed of," he detailed.

Dlamini added that SPTC had since turned the corner and opened a new chapter, where they were writing their own history.

"We made history when we started making profits and in two weeks time, I can assure you we have broken another record. The true test of our character is tested in adversity," he said.

He added that it was the nation that stood to benefit from what SPTC planned on achieving.


Meanwhile, Swazi MTN’s Chief Executive Officer Tebogo Mogapi said things would be much worse for Swazi MTN now that SPTC had publicly declared that they would operate a fixed mobile facility.

"We conducted a research to have a feel of the market and we discovered that people out there still consider SPTC to be a strong brand thus we have to put our heads together as MTN to be ready for the competition they pose," Mogapi was quoted saying during a media breakfast briefing at the Mountain Inn on Wednesday.

He was also quoted to have said they were more than ready to handle the challenges that would come with SPTC’s decision to engage in fixed mobile telecommunications.

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