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Let's keep our political structure

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Sometimes I am of the view that we do not need political parties. How can a country of one tribe be divided into groups?

People living in Swaziland are all Swazis so, if you look you will find that the Dlaminis are your cousins, brothers and etc.

The countries we talk about, that are more democratic than our country, they have their own problems.

One party once got the ruling chair and refused to give it to other parties when voting time came.


For me I think, Mr Editor, we need to keep the structure we have than to demolish it.

We allow those who are vandalising the little we have to get away with it leaving us with nothing for the future.

These parties say people are dying of hunger but at the same time they block the border gate that enables food to enter into the country (blockades), I strongly think that is not the solution.

I think the leaders should look for another strategy to deal with this issue.      

Sibusiso Magagula.

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