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Gone Rural women receive 35 percent of the export price

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MBABANE – Crafters producing for Gone Rural currently receive 35 percent of the export price of the products.

Gone Rural has over 700 women producing craft products for the local market as well as for export purposes.

The crafters previously received 10 percent of the export price before the recent increase to 35 percent.

According to Gone Rural’s Julie Nixon the increase was made possible through cutting overhead costs in the business.

"Gone Rural has been growing from strength to strength over the past two years through our dedication to uplift our women and their communities. Our core value is to economically empower our rural communities, to ensure that our staff and women share in the success of Gone Rural, respect for our culture and heritage.


"We believe that when core values are true then the entire universe conspires to help you achieve your goals," Nixon said.

She added, "We have been able to triple the earnings of the 731 women crafters since 2005.  Our goal is double their income again by 2012. Currently our women receive 35 percent of the export price of our products, which we have improved on since 2005 when the women earned only 10 percent of our wholesale price. We have achieved this by becoming more efficient as a business and by cutting our overhead costs."

On another note Nixon said Gone Rural’s Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Gone Rural boMake, has paid school fees for 342 Swazi children to ensure that the most vulnerable children have an education.

"The children are our future and we believe that if you show a child that you care, you will grow a caring adult. We then created a play mobile that helps educate the children of our communities during Gone Rural buying days," she said.

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