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Hlobi is so wrong

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This is in relation to the article in the Times of Swaziland dated Friday, November 19, 2010 which was entitled ‘When I say no, I mean yes – Hlobi’.

I read this article with my mouth wide open. This is supposed to be a minister and a minister of sports, culture and youth affairs, how embarrassing.

I do not blame the Ludzeludze MP for being furious. I think ‘Hlob Hlob’ needs an assistant to advise her on how to speak, act in public and how to dress.

Hhawu wena, this woman is making us look like fools….

As women in Parliament and business, we expect to be taken seriously.

The speech she gave, she was actually saying we are fools.

When we say no, we actually mean yes… hhayi suka wenaHlobi.

The men must be laughing themselves sick. I think Hlobi should apologise to all women and do it in print please.

So embarrassed

Immaculate Dlamini

...and has given rapists the go ahead


No matter how hard you can pray for a leopard, it will never change its spots.

This is a lesson I learnt in life. It’s surprising how Swazi women have been portrayed negatively by minister Hlob’sile Ndlovu.

The fact that she told Parliament that when she says ‘no’ she sometimes means ‘yes’, is a disgrace to principled women.

What annoys me the most is that if this statement was uttered by a rapist or a man, the women organisations in the country would have taken to the streets.

It is a good thing that a female minister has proved to the world that some women in Swaziland actually say ‘no’ when they mean ‘yes’.

This degree of promiscuity, as displayed by Hlob’sile, is an embarrassment to a woman who is expected to marry a pastor. In other countries where democratic principles are upheld, the minister would have been requested to resign from her position as minister, since she has displayed to everyone that she is not a good role model for the women of this country.

The fact that she says ‘no’ to mean ‘yes’ actually tells us she does not have a ‘no’ in her vocabulary.

This is true with Swazi women who are always faking.

Women in Swaziland enjoy faking even in relationships so they may reach the depth of a man’s pockets or enjoy the luxury of the limelight.


Women and the Law (WLSA) and other women organisations should have taken to the streets and called for Hlob’sile’s resignation.

She has actually given rapists a defense by uttering such irresponsible comments.

This goes to show the type of Cabinet the prime minister is keeping through the cronyism that exists within government circles.


The Parliament we elected is not competent enough to be given Cabinet positions, and I guess that is why a man had to be called from home and given a Cabinet position as Minister of Justice.

It is sad to learn how women in Swaziland actually say ‘no’ to mean ‘yes’. As long as you can convince them their ‘no’ means ‘yes’ then you will get a piece of the cake.


Qalakaliboli Dlamini


As long as you have a PM that protects his Ministers like his Children, what will you expect? Sibuyaphi kubo Nthutuko ,manje ngunaku kuhhema kwa Hlobi, I wonder if Minister was in her senses noma she was justifying the rumours about her with some substance that she takes, kepha njengoba usho Qala maybe the problem is also with the Calibre of Parliament, Umlangeni ubatse uyabuka utabacosha labo Minister and then replace them with who, just imagine the whole Parliament kept quite and only one Parliamentarian stood her ground when a whole Minister made a fool of our Women, that shows kutsi these people don’t know why they are in Parliament na 2013 sowukhashane mani to usher in new Administration with a PM that will be of high Integrity.
Nov 25, 2010, 12:23 PM, Concerned Citizen

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