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Shoprite employee bashes wife

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MBABANE – Shoprite employee Ivan Moeketsi, was arrested last Sunday for bashing his wife.

Moeketsi spent three nights behind bars this week while his wife recovered at the Mbabane Clinic after a heavy beating.

He was arrested last Sunday afternoon following the assault and he is currently out on bail.

Irene was beaten until she passed out for over 30 minutes and was rescued by a friend who intervened in the scuffle.

The friend had allegedly been called by Moeketsi when she passed out, thinking that she was dead in the height of the scuffle.

The friend who refused to be identified, said when she arrived, Irene was lying on the floor bleeding profusely.

Moeketsi is not new in such controversies as allegedly beat his wife after she questioned him on pictures she found in his cell phone.

In an interview then, he denied the beating incident and the pictures and said there was nothing to worry about.

His car, a Toyota Tazz; was stoned by his wife during the fight following the discovery of his alleged infidelity.

Like a scorned woman, the wife smashed the windscreen, rear mirror and side windows.

Moeketsi went to the police and pressed charges against his wife.

His 39-year-old wife is also in possession of messages which were taken from her husband’s cell phone.

Through them, the two express love for each other.

One of the messages sent by the man’s lover reads: ‘I love luving, u nyt baby’ to which Ivan responded ‘I love u luv.’

This message was sent on Friday night at 11.36pm.

This was after the man had called his secret lover at 11.21 pm.

The latest incident which took place on Sunday was sparked off after the couple fought over the wife’s cell phone. They have been married for 10 years.

The fight started on Friday, when he confiscated her phone in search of infidelity he suspected from his wife.

Irene was denied access to her phone on Saturday as he left with it for his work place. She bought another phone and connected herself back on the MTN network. He was infuriated when he returned from work to find that she had another phone.

On Sunday arguments over the phones ensured when he tried to forcefully confiscate the new phone. A fight broke out which landed her in hospital.

Narrating the incident, Irene’s friend says when she recovered; Moeketsi allegedly locked her out and continued to beat her.

She fully regained conscious ‘from’ the beatings and then was able to open the door. The friend said when she entered the house; he continued to beat her until she (friend) was able to restrain him.

She forcefully took Moeketsi to the children’s room and that was the time Irene escaped into her friends car.

They went to the police station where she opened a case of assault against her husband. When she was interviewed she said, "I refused with the phone and told him that he had no right over my phone especially because he does not allow anyone to touch his phone."

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