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Can someone bring the TSC to order please!

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I could not believe it when I heard someone saying that the controversial deputy principal of Nyamane High School has since been appointed to be the principal of Cana High School (now renamed Ngcoseni).

Is the Teaching Service Commission trying to put things right by creating another wrong? This man, not deputised even for a full year, has created controversies within that short period, resulting in uprisings! What is the TSC promoting here? How about those teachers who had an interest in this post and were still waiting for it to be advertised?

Something has also got to be done at Evelyn Baring High School. Things are out of hand there. The situation has deteriorated to the lowest. Pupils are bringing liquor to school.
The acting principal is failing to control teachers but brings the school committee to talk to the teaches about attending classes.

When is the case of the incumbent principal going to be concluded so that he may either come back or a new principal be appointed before the situation becomes intolerable. Anyway one cannot blame the acting principal for this because he does not know the culture of the school, in fact no one knows it among the administrators.
Talking of the culture of the school, in 2007, when the school’s manager was appointed to his present post and his deputy passed away. He pushed for the appointment of teachers from the same school, citing culture. In deed this has worked for the school as it has remained among the top schools.

The very same year and almost at the very same time he recommended that three new deputies be appointed from outside Evelyn Baring High. There were acting deputies from within that they chose to ignore.
To put a nail on the coffin, one of them was sent to another school.

Was there any consistency on the part of the school’s manager? Or did he have something against the school? From that time things changed negatively. The teacher who was advising him from within the school has always been a destroyer and nothing more.

Looking at the above stated facts, it is clear to all and sundry that the TSC, especially the executive secretary and the school’s manager, need some self introspection, otherwise their superiors will have to intervene.

Mr Observer


The Teaching Service Commission –TSC as an institution that hires and makes replacements of teachers in schools countrywide does so in a transparent manner by following the laid down procedure of the Commission.

It is unfortunate that some people may be misinformed and aggrieved by certain situations when their wishes are not met. Having said that, the Commission has not done anything wrong in appointing a Principal at Ngcoseni High School (formerly Cana).

The position was filled after an interview was done and it so happened a Dlamini from Nyamane got the position as a deserving candidate, having been deputy for two years and has acted on many occasions. Therefore, there was nothing wrong in his promotion and was fitting to be a principal. With Dlamini’s good track record we believe he will help improve the school’s performance to greater heights.

On the case of Evelyn Baring High School, the TSC has not been informed of any problems concerning the school. However, any such complaints can be reported to the REO who in turn can report to the School’s Manager and the TSC, but currently all that is being said has not been formally brought to the attention of the Commission.

Concerning the issue of finalising the suspended principal it is not easy to predict when the case will be concluded and that is why the school has an acting principal. This is because this matter is a long process with many factors to be considered.  Also worth noting, the author is not consistent, he contradicts himself, in one issue he talks about advertising posts but also suggests that some deputies should have been considered for another post at Evelyn Baring.

The so called deputies are not known by the Commission, since there were no official acting deputies. However, if they did sit for an interview then they did not make the grade or did not take the interview. The Commission remains committed to upholding transparency in cases involving hiring and promotion of teachers at all times.

Principal Secretary’s Office


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