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Swazi international scores golden goal!

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Sisho ngenkhani... sisho ngenkhani… sisho ngenk-hani… thina sitawungena, noma kumnyama kubovu sitawungena… Shaya ing-oma Lenhle, sekunjalo… sisho ngenkhani sitawu-ngena… shayi ingoma Map-endane… Sekunjalo Gazi, the long wait is over, the eagerly awaited clash is here.

SIHLANGU VS GHANA ka-Somhlolo tomorrow! Gazi, this reminds us of the Sunday when Sihlangu caused the biggest shock in World football when they thrashed Togo with Emmanuel Adebayor in tow 2-1 and we celebrated so much we spent half the night emptying the 750mls e-Hansa lapha emashibhini ka-Lobamba. It was a night to remember but ke after that, Sihlangu never won any meaningful game. The squad was turned into whipping boys but today we want to say it now and here that we got a feeling that tomorrow is gonna be a good night again. We got a feeling that Sihlangu will cause another upset, not by winning perhaps but forcing a draw against the star-studded Ghanaians and to us Gazi that would still be a cause for celebration, a win ke would be a bonus. Phela Gazi, the ‘Black Stars’ of Ghana, noma bangatsi kushoda bani, proved to all and sundry in the recently ended 2010 World Cup emzansi kutsi they are a force to be reckoned with. They were the toast of Africa such that even South Africans seeing that their own banana team had failed to advance to the knockout stage, started calling them, ‘Ba-Ghana Ba-Ghana’.

So forcing a draw against this team would still be an achievement for our Sihlangu who never beat anyone. Gazi, tsine as usual, ahead of Sihlangu games, siyahamba siyohlola nanatsi and when we checked with our reliable denizens in the world of spooks, they all told us a draw is possible but nakung-asiyo i-draw vele we would be massacred. We are hoping that at least we get a draw ngoba sesafa kuba bomakhalanjalo like the club supported by Umlangeni.


Gazi, phela we have kept this one under wraps for over a month now but ke Gazi tsine we have a lot of juicy stories kept in our refrigerator. Phela one of our likeable Sihlangu strikers has scored the proverbial Golden goal! Yes Yebo Gazi, it’s his debut goal in that area of life! Gazi, our sources told us a month ago that vele there is a bun in the oven of this Alicia Keys look-alike sitju-nunu. Phela Gazi we were pleasantly surprised phela when we saw lesitjununu during a soccer game involving Tinyoni ka-Somhlolo because we never thought she is the type leya ebholeni (though these days vele we see a bevy of beauties at the soccer Stadiums). Phela she would cheer wildly when the striker scored those ‘baby’ goals… er we meant to say ‘classic’ goals. Already the belly is so huge vele sekuyabonakala kutsi loloku-ncane sekuyakh-ahlela. We just hope it will be a boy because we still need a striker at the national team with the aerial ball and the technique for heading the ball unlike some of our strikers who head the ball as if it were a pawpaw. We hope nje, like his father, he can score those booming shots so that he can makes us happy nasakhulile. We know kutsi it will be a bouncing BABY boy and once he is born, sitophindza sibonge FUTHI in this hallowed page… Gwa! Gwa! Gwa! Gwa!

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