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Tycoon Njingabeyisola' passes away

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MBABANE – Pigg’s Peak businessman Elliot Lontinga Maseko has died.

Maseko, who was known as Njingabeyisola, died on Friday morning at the Mbabane Government hospital.

His death was confirmed by his son Selby, who is also a businessman based in Mbabane.

It was ascertained that Maseko met his death at the age of 68 and he leaves behind 19 children and two wives.

According to Mathanda, his other son, the tycoon died of diabetes.

The deceased is said to have owned almost half of the buildings in Pigg’s Peak.

His businesses also stretch to Mbabane and Johannesburg in South Africa.

He owns some buildings at Sidvwashini, Checkers, Nelspruit and Pretoria. Most of the buildings situated on the western part of Pigg’s Peak are owned by the deceased.

According to his family, Maseko will be buried on Sunday in Pigg’s Peak and there will be a memorial service on Saturday at Gobolondlo Hall.

Following are some of the building and businesses owned by the deceased;

l Umusawenkhosi Green Groceries

l Lontinga investment

l Lanyandza building

l Kasolwako building.

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