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Sobandla must look for a job

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Prince Sobandla must desist from such unacceptable be-haviour! Sobandla must look for jobs outside the system!

Sobandla must not bully and force the residents of Nsenga into accepting him. Residents of Nsenga know what they want.

Bludgeoning citizens of Nsenga into accepting Sobandla’s chieftaincy is diabolic. Citizens of Nsenga have taken a stand! They dared to be different!

They are refusing to follow the norm! They are asking why! They want to chart their own destiny! Citizens or residents of Nsenga must not go to the king.


They know the response they will get. They must stay in their territory. They must defend it with their toil, sweat and blood!

Sobandla cannot offer advice to the people of Nsenga. He knows that the channels he asks them to follow will rule in his favour.

We are tired of the likes of Sobandla. He has never done anything for himself except to be handed favours by his brothers!

Velaphi Dlamini


Velaphi I could not agree with you more. For someone that goes around bragging on the fact that he is a scientist (doctor), it leaves one wondering 'emaciniso kuloko'. Seriously why would someone with such an admired profession chose to be a begger. Obviously he wants the money.
July 17, 2010, 6:58 pm, The One

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