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We need political parties here!

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It is my belief that party politics would serve this country best, specifically in relation to the core function of government; responsibility to the governed. Let me state from the onset that I am not part of any political organisation in the country or elsewhere. I write from my own individualistic intellect capacity.

Those against political parties in our country, probably those who benefit the most from the obtaining political dispensation (it follows) argue that political parties are the major causes of violent conflict in many an African state. I agree with them in principle.

Party politics may be or may have been a catalyst to violent conflicts in Africa (post-colonial) mainly because of their organisation along tribal and or ethnic lines.
Be that as it may, these critics do not seem to appreciate the countries with vibrant (not perfect) party-politics in our continent, the likes of South Africa and Botswana.

Coming to Swaziland, I personally do not see the room of multi party politics causing conflict in our society, at least the cause attributable to ethnicity because after all we are a homogenous country.
Therefore, it is my view that political parties in Swaziland would enhance accountability and responsibility (seriously lacking at present) of government since people would affiliate along the major reason people join political parties, that is ideas.

The African scholar Okwudiba Nnoli defines a political party as, “A group of people who share a common conception of how and why state power should be organised and used.”
What clearly transpires from this definition is that ideas ought to unite people in political parties and this transcends creed, race, religion, decent etc.

Then, party politics would bring the important function of opposition which checks on the incumbent government’s activity. These checks and balances occur in the legislative body.
Things that may fuel conflicts are eclectic.

Sizwebanzi Mngomezulu,

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