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Why is City Council playing yo-yo with us?

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Thank you for allowing me space in your newspaper to voice my concern on the yo-yo kind of experience we are being subjected to by both the Manzini City Council and Public Transport operators.
As a commuter I would like to state the following:

*   It is said the satellite rank is         far. Far from what? Where is         this distance measured from?
*    The issue of shelter is             another one which leaves         the argument of transport         operators wanting. We have         been subjected to the             extreme of weather conditions         in these areas where we     ‘bantfu         benu’ as your conductors call us,         are being made to move to.
*   A number of times we have         been victims of robberies and         pick-pocketing because of the         congestion at the main rank.
*   Because some route transport         were moved to the satellite         rank, where customers get lost.         ‘Umuntfu loya eSiteki sewugi-        bela kuphi?
*  What about the long queue         from Manzini Central School to         the rank?

The Manzini City Council should come out clear if they have the mandate to implement their planning of the city or not. Where is your spine city council?


The public transport operators should give us the date on when they would finish their instalments so that the city could develop there after although I doubt if under the present system of collecting fees they would ever realise that dream.
Somebody save us form this mess!

Sandile Ginindza
The Municipality, through its PRO Mathokoza Thwala, has responded to your letter: ‘Mr Editor, thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to respond to the letter from Mr Ginindza. We wish to state that all the questions raised in the letter are very valid and equally of concern to Council. Council still awaits a written undertaking from SCARTA that the transition will take place without incidents. As Council we pray that a lasting solution on this matter be found soon’.

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