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Doug Marais brings life during Pub Nite

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MBABANE – Doug Marais brought life to another Pub Nite event at Lugogo Sun with his energetic sets.

The cover version singer did more than just providing music on the night, he was an entertainer.

Although the singer performed to a small crowd that was reluctant to leave their seats for a swing on the dancefloor for some time, his performance was professional and energetic.


Marais played cover versions of banging old hits that included Wilson Picket’s ‘Midnight hour’ which was one of the crowd’s favourites.
His voice, combined with the sweet sounds made sure that everybody had a good night out.
The people might have not danced but they appreciated each and every song that was played and proof of this was the good round of applause that followed each track.

The event might have started on a low note but its popularity was evident as a number of people crammed the Lugogo Sun sports bar at around 10pm.
This seemed to rejuvenate everyone inside the place as there was good music that had many either slightly moving their bodies or heads along with the beat.

This was by far not your usual laid back kind of event as there was jamming music all the while.
The event is held Wednesday nights at the hotel’s sports bar starting at 7.30pm until midnight.

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