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Did cop shoot at FNB?

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MBABANE- It has been alleged that the bullet holes that were discovered at the FNB headquarters main entrance in the morning of October 6 last year were a result of shots that were fired from a police issued firearm.
FNB stands for First National Bank.

Bullet holes were discovered by the bank’s staff upon arrival at the headquarters in Mbabane.
They alerted the police who promptly swamped the bank in what was originally thought to have been an attempted robbery.

It has been reliably learnt that ballistic examinations revealed that the shots were fired from a pistol that was assigned to a policeman (name deliberately withheld) who was stationed in Mbabane.
On the morning that the bullet holes were discovered the police said they did not know who fired the shots and that investigations into the matter had been initiated.

It is believed that the police normally fire warning shots in order to scare off illegal gamblers in the city centre but on this night the shots were misdirected.
Contacted for comment on the matter police Assistant Public Relations Officer Wendy Hleta, said police would not deliberately lie to the public and cover up incidents that involve them.
“We do not conceal incidents that involve the police. As it is we have an on-going investigation to determine exactly what happened,” she said.

She elaborated that in cases where an officer is suspected to be involved in some illegal activity, a team is assigned to investigate the matter.
This team comprises officers from the headquarters and the regional headquarters concerned, and does not involve any officers from the police station suspected to have been involved.

The team then informs the Commissioner of their findings and the matter is dealt with accordingly.
Hleta added that in order to avoid evidence being tampered with officers suspected to be involved in criminal activities would then be transferred in order to avoid being biased in the process of their investigations.

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