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Judges should respect each other

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When history repeats itself, some people never notice.
On Independence Day on September 6, 1968, Swaziland did not have a trained police force to perform the befitting displays and the guard of honour, hence Malawi Police Force came to our rescue.

After these colourful events, our police force was put into motion.
 Many years later, Malawi again came to our rescue when  Swaziland did not have qualified judicial officers to take up the positions of Chief Justice and the Chief Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission. 

The Malawians have been on the helping hand to Swazis with the hope that when their time is up Swazis will take over like in the police force. 
In the 1950s, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland decided to build a university in Lesotho to benefit the three countries. 

In the 1970s when the university had reached international status and reputation, in the middle of nowhere, Lesotho unilaterally nationalised the university and kicked out the students from sister countries. They came home in all forms of transport, dejected.

The two countries were traumatised and confused, then established their university based in Botswana and later had their separate universities. 
So Lesotho did that to benefit herself and herself only.

The High Court building, a few meters away from the Ministry of Public Works, has big cracks on the walls and floor next to the main entrance which have not been attended to over years. 
When you go into the chambers’ administration, you find the same walls and floors scenario.

One would be very naive and counter productive to assume that the administration in the High Court is rosy and smooth to deliver the best justice.

In conclusion, if Swaziland has adopted the spirit of SMART Partnership of dialogue and negotiation, then doors must not be closed for stakeholders even if there is no law forcing the consultation processes. All judges must be treated with respect by all of us and accord each other the same curtesy. They must not be excluded from the freedoms as enshrined in the Bill of Rights found in the Constitution of Swaziland.

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