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Why withhold results of the six?

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The Exams Council is precisely offside for not releasing the results of the six pupils who are suspected to have copied. Leni nje kutfolakale bona bodvwa (why, are they the only ones)?

Does that mean the invigilators were incompetent? Don’t undermine the status of our invigilators.
Dr Edmund Mazibuko and your crew wake up and smell the coffee, the pupils are innocent. Release the results and terminate the contracts of the invigilators if they are found guilty.

To all the principals: Well done the results are immensely splendid, however, there is still room for improvement as mentioned by the Minister for Education, Wilson Ntshangase.


Dear Unknown,
I had sent your letter to the Exams Council registrar for responses to your queries, hence it has taken some few days to publish. However, I am happy to say he has responded: ‘Mbongeni, sorry that it has taken me long to respond. It is not clear why we should release results when we are still investigating the cases. Is the writer suggesting that it is okay to be involved in examination malpractice?

I would not like to comment on the issue of invigilators for now since we are still conducting investigations on the cases.
‘With regard to the matter of the six pupils, two came from one school and they were reported by the principal of the school to have been found with foreign material in the examination room.

This material was submitted to the Exams Council as evidence. The other four candidates came from another school. ‘Suspicion of malpractice involving these students was reported by the markers.  In cases where we suspect examination malpractice we don’t release results until we have completed our investigations on the matter and submitted our findings to the Council. There are ways of dealing with those involved in examination malpractice’.
I hope this satisfies you then Unknown.


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