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Is the SBIS for us all or urban areas

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Thank you Editor for allowing me space to express my feelings on your column.
I would like to ask the SBIS director about our radio station (SBIS) if it was made for urban people only.
 I say this because we at Maphungwane don’t get clear signals of the radio, and this has been going on since June. Even the English Channel (SBIS 2) is also not clear. Instead, we find ourselves having to listen to a lot of the radio stations from Mozambique.
We ask for your help because your services have important programmes such as news, announcements etc.
If this fails then, it would be better if you brought back Lukhozi FM; we would rather listen to it than the Mozambique stations.

Miss Samkelisiwe Maziya

Miss Maziya,
You will be glad to know that recently the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology told Parliament that it was working on a project to rehabilitate all the transmitters for the radio station, because they are extremely old!
This has already been approved by Parliament, and so we have been reliably informed that the project will soon be nderway.

There are also efforts being made to try and service some of the transmitters to ensure that the nation gets clear signals of the radio.
We have been informed too that your area is among those that will soon get a new transmitter.

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