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I long for that day soon to come when emaSwati will stand together at that stadium on the 6th of September free and democratic.

This day will again mark a great day where our Constitutional Monarch will stand proud having witnessed the election of the first democratically elected Prime Minister. This is the dream of three members of parliament who are now paying dearly .The world will witness a free Kingdom of Eswatini swear in new democratic government formed by elected members of Parliament  led by their elected prime minister and his deputy . A government by the people and directly accountable to the people will be blessed by a neutral King for all emaSwati and who will remain the unifying force and the preserver of our culture and traditions which is our way of life.  

Parties, Social Movement

September 6th Movement is not a political Party because we do not seek to contest for election to rule this country but we are a Social Movement seeking change.  We invite ordinary God fearing emaSwati who wish to have a voice within the political space .The 2005 Constitution demand that it is the duty of all citizens to defend and promote democracy and the rule of law. So anything, including what is, within the constitution {unless democratically agreed} that is NOT democratic and leads to the compromise of the rule of law we have to oppose.  We are aware that many emaSwati within the Political Party formations might have reached a point where they see no alternative but to use whatever means possible to attain democratic change. September 6th Movement still believes that through God and prayer, dialogue, collective passive activism action there can be a breakthrough.

Monarchy and the Monarch

There are those who have are extremely angry at the Monarchy because of the actions or lack thereof of our monarch particularly around the deaths of emaSwati during the unrest and cannot understand how we can still say we support our Monarchy. The nation must understand that there is a big difference between the Monarchy and the Monarch.

The Monarchy

The Monarchy as the Kingdom of emaSwati has preserved us as a people for hundreds of years.  As the Bantu African people migrating south,relied on culture traditions to survive all kinds of challenges. Many monarchs have come and gone, some were good and some were not so good but the Kingdom remained. We cannot rely on the western culture 100 per cent, King Sobhuza said we must take what is good and reject what is bad .

Traditional Governance  

Some of those who are quick to say get rid of our Monarchy forget the role it plays in our traditional governance. Traditional Governance structures from Liguca, Ligcogco,Emabandla, through to Tikhulu (Chiefs), tindvuna, bandlancane, imisumpe, bucopho, bagijimi, and all the local traditional courts. This structure is what keeps emaSwati together and is our way of life. The Chiefs which represents all the surnames in the country are custodians of a rich history of each and every surname. How we marry and bury our dead and solve our problems is connected to our Monarchy.


The Monarch is the King on the throne and in our case is His Majesty King Mswati 111. He is an individual with a great responsibility and will one day answer for all his actions in front of the throne of the King of Kings. Our duty is to humbly advice  the King  with honesty  telling him the truth all the time. . He will reign as King but the people must govern through a democratically elected Government.

Death of Protestors, bystanders

September 6th Movement calls for the reconstruction fund to include compensation for the families of those who lost their lives during the unrest. Even criminals deserve a trial. The government has come out to say that 35 emaSwati died during the unrest. September 6th Movement presented to UNDP under the invitation of Dr Khabele Matlosa- governance advisor, our proposed solution to the impasse. Dialogue is the answer but first there must be some kind of reconciliation and compensation for life lost.We cannot as government just talk of buildings and property lost and forget about human life.

A democratic government would worry about the voters who are parents. Where is the human rights commission? Our institutions have great minds who are totally compromised and rendered weak. If I could whisper to the Royal family particularly Her Majesty Indlovukazi,I would say they need to break the deadlock and do something personally for the families of emaSwati whose lives were lost.  That is wisdom what can start the dialogue and the healing of the nation. We have a compassionate Royal family and we call upon all of them individually or collectively to show this compassion. Maybe they don’t know what really happened but a doctor from RFM Hospital said he certified dead 7 young people with bullet wounds to the head. The security forces at some point were not trying to scare them or stop them but were executing them in cold blood. We are better than this Malangeni.

Constitutional right to life

Section 15. Protection of right to life 1. A person shall not be deprived of life intentionally save in the execution of the sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence under the law of Swaziland of which that person has been convicted I personally lost a 17- year- old relative who had been sent on the back of a van to do work with his older brothers. When the security forces came it was a few minutes past curfew, they panicked drove off and he was killed. They had nothing to do with the protest.
The family has nothing now they have lost their only hope. Relatives had to put money together to bury him.  septembereswatini@gmail.com

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