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The year 2020 has been quite uncomfortable to say the least. It has thrown curve balls at us and caught us all entirely off guard. What is particularly interesting about this year is the progression in dilemmas each month.

It is almost as if each month has been assigned its own destruction and we are merely just spectators and in a worst case scenario, victims.

Let’s take August for instance, the anticipation in July was this would surely be a more subtle and positive month in comparison to previous disastrous months; this anticipation was mainly due to our optimism as humans. However, the past few days have demonstrated that we have possibly entered level 8 of Jumanji.

 On the August 4, we saw how Lebanon was left shattered after a huge blast at a warehouse port which resulted in the death of approximately over 100 people. I’m not sure whether everyone viewed the video which displayed the explosion that took place in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, but it was unbelievable and resembled a scene from The Avengers. This further highlighted how unbelievable this whole year has been. It has been a rollercoaster of a year, with a series of events, which four years ago would have been written off as fictional.


Not only did August bring forth a catastrophe in Lebanon, but Zimbabwe has also had its fair share of problems in this month. This is due to allegations of censorship, police brutality and a supposedly failing government.

Just this week the Zimbabwean president elected his own vice as the new Health minister, raising more questions than answers. Locally, we have had increasing speculation and allegations regarding the Senate elections this week.

This further displays what a circus this month already is, and I am pretty sure everyone is dreading the rest of this month. Remember when we were all positive and optimistic about the world becoming a better place and singing Kumbaya around the fire, well that is a thing of the past my dear readers. The world is getting more cutthroat and September, October, November and December won’t be serving cookies either.
To say this year has not been nothing short of a movie is being blatantly in denial. Just the other day a friend of mine shared a joke that is equivalent to a reality check.


He shared with me an internet meme which read; “The phrase ‘after COVID-19 I will...’ is gradually starting to resemble the phrase ‘If I would win the lotto I would..” And I couldn’t help but laugh and cry at the same time because I hadn’t read something so accurate in a while.
We are truly living in a movie and some days I wake up wondering what 2020 will surprise us with this time.

Most will probably say ‘of course, these are the end times’ but generations before us experienced far worse or even similar occurrences, they just didn’t have the internet, and therefore the publishing of these atrocities wasn’t as prominent as it is now.

The difference between then and now is simply accessibility and maybe yes, these are the end times, simply because of this. 2020 has more up its sleeve, therefore we need to stop acting like all will be normal at some point and start living with caution; the gloves are off, so get ready to fight!

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