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Our biggest fear as human beings is death; the thought that someday we might not wake up and our families will be left with the pain of losing us beyond the dimensions we experience in this world.

This week has been one ‘RIP’ after another with the reality of COVID-19 hitting us with each death. It could be anyone, anyday. It could be you and it could be me, and that is the principle of death – that it is inevitable. However tragic, it is not the biggest tragedy we can possibly face. The biggest one is a life lived but not to its fullest potential. We all exist with a purpose, with a destination whose door can only be unlocked by us. The world will, at times, give us opportunities but the world was never created to do that. The world, unfortunately, is not indebted to us and most unfortunately it does not care for our success.


However, we were built to create opportunities, to understand that in other to succeed then we must succeed the world, that we owe it to ourselves to take every opportunity presented to us and to create every opportunity we desire, which the world refused to create. We were not created to be poor or to stay poor or sink in poverty and debt. But we were created with the ability to create, to succeed and when we don’t, it is not the world that has failed us, we have simply failed the world and we have failed ourselves.


The most common factor in realizing our dreams is money. Money that supposedly makes things happen but the truest currency is all the potential we possess, all the things we failed to discover about ourselves that were put in us to take us to where we want to be. Therein lies the problem, in the actuality that most of us do not want to be where we are supposed to be. That we have the envy eye, that we spend years studying those who have succeeded with a mentality that speaks of how if they have done it then surely if we do what they did then we are guaranteed to get to where they are. Billionaires do not tell you of their calling, that they are not just doing a job and that they got lucky because they didn’t get lucky!

They discovered what was meant for them, they created opportunities and stuck by them because they believed they could not fail in things that were innate to them. Then we desire to fulfil a purpose that isn’t even ours because someone succeeded in it. We are guaranteed failure even when we have the resources when we embark on things that were never even meant for us. Until we look into ourselves and find what is meant for us, we will spend every living day of our lives, not just losing time but also trying to duplicate a dream we never had. It is a shame to have everything you need to live the life you desire and to never get it because you chose to spend time neglecting it to attain something you were never built to manage.

With every dream there are obstacles and with every obstacle is a degree of succumbing and of carrying the burdens that come with the journey to your destination. To want to embark on a dream because it worked for Jeff Bezos is to inherit the burden and hard times they carried without any idea if you are even strong enough to face them.  Inevitably, there are hardships in the journey towards success, the desire of a fulfilled dream is not the absence of struggle in the journey to attain it. With enough passion and drive to embrace our skills and talents, and getting to know ourselves, we will find the parts in us that lead to the jackpot, that make every other struggle along the way worth it. Many people can do one thing but only those who went for it are guaranteed success.


Dr Myles once highlighted that the worst place is a cemetery. That it is in the cemetery where you find millions of people who lived but never fulfilled their potential. I hope we all understand that we were built in greatness and with greatness; that poverty is not our portion and that we are deserving of everything beautiful and that we can be absolutely everything we wish to be as we start July. The seventh month of the year; seven is the number of completion and perfection, may we embrace our perfection in the next 30 days and be in complete harmony with ourselves and may we get to know ourselves and all the potential that is in us to not just live a life but to also live a life fulfilled.

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