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SUCCESS can truly be a devil in its own right. It is what most people, including myself, want. There’s some element of darkness in success, it’s not at all an evil concept, it’s meant to drive us and draw us closer to the finish line, but usually at what cost?

We are all aware of the lengths people are willing to go to be successful; there’s no grey area here. People will stomp, kick and scream their way to success because success equals money, stature and power.

However, we need to rethink our journeys to success, we can’t leave people by the wayside and kill our way to success and we can’t overstress ourselves until our blood pressure files a complaint. We need to look within and consult the inner man on how to attain success without destroying someone else or even worse, without destroying ourselves.

The key to this is realising the importance of your inner-being, this could either be your thoughts, your soul or spirit, your inner peace or even your level of happiness. These seem far-fetched in relation to success, but they are the principal things that sustain that success once you have attained it. As much as we can try to downplay the importance of our inner self, the truth is, your inner self is where it all begins.

Those goals you set for yourself, that win you so badly need, require you to fix ‘you’ in order to attain them. This year you need to re-focus on fixing yourself within, you need to have a meeting with yourself before you have a meeting with anyone else, because the power that lies within you can help you conquer any obstacle and challenge you face, but only if you can nurture it.


As much as we can try to avoid this topic, it’s paramount that this is the elephant that we address this week. It’s easy to avoid looking within due to fear that you might not like what you see, maybe you might just find out that you fall under the category of people who condone the dark side of success, e.g ritual killings, backstabbing, etc.

Nonetheless, it’s pivotal that we all do some soul cleansing and get to the bottom line.
These challenges that we are facing as a country require us to revisit ourselves and try to get to the root of the issues that are stopping each and every one of us from ‘making Eswatini great again’. We can’t just solely rely on government when we are responsible for our own lives.

For instance, some of us are furious and bewildered by the current hikes simply because we are drowning in debt, but we can’t entirely blame government for that, sometimes we have to take accountability for living beyond our means. In no way am I saying that that is the main reason most people are in debt, but some of us have to be honest with ourselves and swallow a hard pill.


The honesty we require has to come from within and that can only happen if we identify where we are truly lacking and re-think strategies of fulfilling our inner self in order to project a more positive outlook on life and therefore, be enabled to take full responsibility where necessary and address some of our issues with prowess and wisdom.

There are various ways people attempt to fix themselves, be it establishing and focusing on a relationship with God, joining the gym, doing yoga, reading self-help books, taking up online courses – which coincides with going back to school - watching motivational videos on YouTube, and some even go back home to familiarise themselves with their roots.

The list is endless, but it shows how pivotal it is that we fix ourselves in order to avoid self-destruction and in order to be a positive addition to society, Lord knows we are tired of criminals, murderers, witchcraft, corruption and etc. Suffice to say, we need to do some serious soul searching if we want to move forward as a country and as the great Lauryn Hill once said, “How you going to win if you ain’t right within?” Till next time readers!

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