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LIFE is usually about a series of positive and negative experiences, comfortable and uncomfortable changes, predictable and unpredictable incidents. It is therefore imperative for each of us to learn how to navigate through life without giving up on it or our dreams.

To everything there is a purpose, time and season. Seasons come and seasons go. It is usually how we react during different seasons of our lives that determine whether we make it to the next level or not.

We must never allow any form of failure to cripple us. Failure is actually a valuable feedback on the journey of life. Failure is an opportunity to re-evaluate your plans, actions and strategy. Life changing ideas are usually hidden in the debris of failure. We must never park in the lane of our mistakes; rather we must appreciate, learn and grow through them. No matter what happens, we must always keep the fire of our passion burning.

Challenges of life should never be allowed to make us feel worthless and develop a low self-esteem. We must endure and be resilient at every turn. The word resilient means ‘leaping back, rebounding and recoiling’. It means to recover readily from adversity, depression or a difficult situation.

To be resilient is to be capable of resuming the original shape after problems of life stretch or compress you. It is to be able to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad had happened.

We must all develop and cultivate the capability to withstand the shock of failure or negative experiences without permanent deformation to our emotions or personality. Successful people tend to possess the quality to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune, hurt or negative change. We must all develop elasticity in dealing with the mountains, valleys and curves of life.

How does one bounce back from a bad situation? You bounce back from bad situations by first realising that to everything there is a time, a season and a purpose. Realise that failure, defeat, hurt or any other bad experience is not a permanent description of your life.

Your identity is not necessarily derived from your experiences, but from your creator. You are not what happened to you or what you did. Inside you are bigger than your situation. We also must be aware that every situation demands the realisation of purpose. We may not always be immediately aware of the purpose for certain situations in our lives but to everything there is a purpose. In every adverse situation, there is always the seed of a new beginning or an open door to greatness.

Therefore we should never dwell on self-pity or bitterness because it blinds us to new opportunities and strategies. Learn to forgive yourself or anyone involved, move on mentally and emotionally.
Forgiveness is not a feeling, it’s a choice we make that transcends feelings. Hatred, unforgiveness and revenge are hindrances to recovery. Unforgiveness actually corrodes a good disposition, elevates high blood pressure, ulcerates the stomach, upsets the digestive system and could ultimately bring out a nervous breakdown. Though to forgive is costly, it is one of the sure ways of bouncing back in life.

It is often said ‘doing an injury puts you below your enemy, avenging an enemy makes you even with him or her, and forgiving sets you above him. The oil of forgiving will always reduces the friction and salve the irritation and give mobility to the vehicle of your destiny’. Always accept the reality of what happened or is happening to you, and refuse to play the blame game. Accept the part you played in creating that situation or problem. Take courage and face the truth of the matter, and surround yourself with trustworthy and compassionate friends who will stand with you and encourage you to be resilient.

When all is said and done, we must let go of the past and move on to new levels, new ways of doing things, new strategies and new ways of thinking. Progress in life demands an attitude of resilience. Usually failed dreams and visions are a result of lack of discipline, broken focus and lack of resilience. Discipline, focus, determination, pursuit and resilience are key ingredients that produce a successful life. Resilience usually comes into play when we come to the conclusion that the dream or vision is worth living for or dying for.

Resilience is that quality in us that gives us the tenacity and firmness to achieve something inspite of apparent obstacles, challenges or failures. Successful people never quit on their dreams, they always bounce back from trouble.

Where there is vision, there must also be resilience. We will all sometimes experience setbacks, disappointments with others, and some of our plans may not play out just as we planned; nevertheless we must be resilient and refuse to quit. Stay focused, determined and resilient, great days are ahead of you.

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