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UNISWA has opened, that’s the worst thing to happen after colonialism.  I mean, was it really necessary to get an assignment in the first week of school? I’m still in awe.

I returned to my room thinking about why all hundreds of us are enrolled at Kwaluseni, or even at any school for that matter. Who told us to go to school? The light bulb went on, the answer was indoctrination. Dear reader, my critical thinking skills have given birth to a theory.

First let’s define indoctrination. According to the Oxford dictionary, it is teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically. When something is done uncritically, it tends to not call attention to errors. Would I spark a debate if I insinuated that indoctrination, that including socialisation, has resulted to us never getting a chance to know our true essence.

That’s my theory. So basically, we think we know ourselves but we don’t.  We always brag about being anti-social, short-tempered and impatient. Social sciences traces that back to things that happened in the past that made us the way we are. What if those happenings were never there, would you still be heartless towards girls? The scary truth is that only God, perhaps the devil too, knows us, more than even ourselves.

The only problem with that insinuation is that even in an impeccable setting, human beings cannot be born in a vacuum. There also cannot be a vacuum within them, hence we are born into a family and experience what we have experienced to affirm our humanity. However, I still maintain that God, and the devil too, know our true essence. Truth is, these tragic encounters and occurrences in our lives are never perceived optimistically and due to that, our growth reflects negative correlation.

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