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ONE of the great challenges in remedying the issue of the value and place of women in society is that although policies and legislation are being passed by governments to help elevate our women, some men are still struggling with divorcing the old mindsets that view women in an unhealthy way.

Our real battle is the battle of re-educating our boys and men to look at women in a manner that they will be able to honour and value them. Perception defines how we see ourselves and others. There must be a reset in how most men perceive women spiritually, emotionally, physically, sexually, socially, economically and even politically. God made both men and women equal, unique and complementary in design. A woman’s value and rights are God given and inherent in nature.

Women’s rights are not necessarily given to them by men, but rather by the God who created them and put value on them. As women, we must know and believe that we are equal to men in essence, even before any Cabinet or Parliament legislates that. Traditions and cultures of societies have greatly distorted this over a period of many years.

This has actually caused negative stereotypes against the value of women in society, which has eventually imprisoned their capacity to manifest who they really are. Though men and women are different in design, purpose and function, they are equal in essence. The universal negative perceptions and devaluing of our sisters and mothers should be stopped. I believe this can be achieved if both men and women work at dismantling wrong belief systems, cultures and traditions that devalue and belittle women.

Conversations that devalue, belittle or negatively impact on women should always be discouraged intentionally and with passion. The fact that women are uniquely different from men does not make them inferior, but rather special in design for specific, important and necessary functions in society. Just because women have a different biological and emotional make up, that does not necessarily mean they are inferior. As a matter of fact, that’s what makes them uniquely valuable to society.

Societies must learn to value, appreciate and celebrate the complementary differences between men and women. We have some notable examples of women throughout history who have accomplished great things, displayed exceptional intelligence and contributed immensely to the betterment of society in spite of being devalued and looked down upon by society. It is a social tragedy and shame to look down or abuse women in any way or form.

As men we must unite and fight this curse that is becoming common in our communities. Our mothers, daughters and sisters are being verbally abused, physically raped, professionally raped and emotionally broken. Every form of violence against women must be strongly and systematically discouraged through instilling the culture of valuing women in our homes and communities.

It is not a noble thing to beat a woman, for whatever reasons. As men we must learn how to control our emotions, especially the emotion of anger. We must understand what anger is, where it emanates from, identify its many faces and learn how to make choices about what to do when angry.  Real men don’t beat or kill women. They are disciplined enough to walk away, or let her go if she wants to move out of the relationship. We must educate our sons to honor and value women.

We must educate our friends and relatives about the value of women in society. We must intentionally discourage any negative language against women. Some of us, who are legislators, must come up with policies and laws that elevate our women and severely punish women abusers.

We must treat our women with worth and integrity, it will build the required confidence in them to be the best they can be.
Many of us owe our success in life to a mother who gave up her own dreams and pleasure just to make sure that we had food on the table and went to school. It is, therefore, appropriate to appreciate and value our mothers and all women in general for the value they add to families and communities.

One of the greatest ways we can appreciate our women is to help them accomplish their purpose, dreams, tasks, or functions in society without any form of social, economical or political discrimination.
Dr Myles Monroe said; “The source of our problems in this world, including the misunderstanding and mistreatment of women, is that we have lost our understanding of what it means to be human as God created us.

We have lost our sense of purpose. I am convinced that in every country in the world, both men and women are suffering from this ignorance of purpose. The best thing for us to do is to discover and live in the original plan of the one who created humanity. Only then will we learn the inherent rights of women and men, so that both female and male can live in freedom and fulfillment.”

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