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The Future… Kind of scary sounding. Full of unknowns. Full of twists and turns. How can you possibly predict it?

This statement says that the best way to know what is coming is to be an active participant.
By creating your future, you are an active player in the events as they unfold.

By knowing what you want, and what you are willing to do to get them, you can help to shape what the future holds.
Think of two people in a river.
One is just floating on a raft, unable to predict what is coming, because they aren’t looking around and aren’t doing anything to move or steer.

The other person is in a kayak, looking for the path they want, and actively steering and moving themselves to that point.
Which one is predicting the future by inventing it?
Which is more likely to be surprised at where they end up?

Yes, there are times to relax, but there are also times to paddle like crazy.
Not everyone will have the impact on the globe as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs (to pick a pair of computer guys). But we all can have that level of impact on our own lives.

But before we can predict our own future, before we can create it, we have to know our own lives, and who we are. By coming up with ideas about what we want to do, we begin to plan.

As we plan, we begin to take action. As we take action, we begin to create our future. It really is that simple. We’re creating our future right now. It’s just a default future, a ‘whatever’ future; until we take charge, right.

We all have the opportunity to create our own future. The question is what will that future be? What do we want?
If we don’t work for that dream, for that future which we want to happen, what will we get instead?
Yes, it will take effort. No, it won’t always be fun. But what do you want out of life?

Your past is your foundation.
If it’s shaky or you don’t like it, you will have to shore it up or rebuild it.
But if you don’t know your past, either because you’ve tried to forget it or because you’ve lied to yourself so many times you believe it, how will you know what your past is?

Self-knowledge is the best way to where you are at now, and what your past has been.
Together, they make your launch pad for the future.

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