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OUR Father who is in heaven, we come before you today because we need your deliverance. Please hear the cry of Swazis as you heard the cry of Israelites in Egypt.

Deliver us Almighty from the hands of those who are supposed to lead us to prosperity as a country but they decide to enrich themselves at the expense of Swazi people. Make them realise that you decided to put them in those positions to advance the lives of your children not to give themselves huge salary increments despite the fact that a majority of your people live in abject poverty.

Father, we have our elderly, some of whom sacrificed their happiness for the prosperity of the country and they now have no energy to provide for themselves. Government made promises to assist them but instead it is failing to keep its promises. Government is now discriminating against them based on when they were born. Our government is discriminating against those born in 1957 based on their year of birth.

They are not being treated the same way as those who were born earlier. Government is denying them what they were promised. This is despite the fact that it is written in our Constitution that we will not discriminate against each other based on age. I am sure Almighty that you know that we do our statistics every now and then and we have the database of our identity documents that show our dates of birth and government has that. So they know when they budget  how many people would be turning 60 on a particular year and government should budget accordingly.

Father I pray that you reveal yourself to our parliamentarians and make them see that they are the cause of all this. You have given them wisdom that they realise that the budget was not meant to take good care of the needs of Swazis and they correctly rejected it. I am not sure Father whether it was the power of evil spirits that they then decided to change what was good for Swazis and then allowed the budget.

If it is the spirit of cowardice, Father, that engulfed them, then I rebuke it in your name. If it is the spirit of greediness, which has seen them give themselves a huge salary raise and sacrifice the whole nation then I rebuke it.
I also command your spirit to make Cabinet realise that they are supposed to lead the country transparently and in truth. They must realise that they are not to benefit a few individuals in their leadership but the whole country. Lord it is not about themselves but your people. They must know that when the people are hungry, it reflects on them.

When they forbid people from getting mealie-meal from South Africa yet they do not have enough to eat, it is not a good thing. They are the ones failing to prioritise food production as stated in the Maputo Declaration yet we are failing to produce enough for the whole country.

Where will the maize to supply the whole country come from because we are concerned with sugar cane farming than maize production? Reveal to them Father that you helped Israelites conquer powerful armies through your will. Therefore to pump in a lot of resources to an army that is doing little if there is anything at all will not assist anyone but will just increase the wage bill.
You warned us Lord, that they will come in Your name yet there are far from you.

There are those who will come in sheep skin yet they are wolves. We are now witnessing it Father. They have started throwing parties and campaigning before time. They have no good intentions to benefit Swazis but are after enriching themselves. They appear to be people who are ready to assist communities but the minute they are elected they forget about the people and pass budgets that do not benefit the ordinary folk.

They will make false promises to us and even promise to take us to heaven yet they do not even know you. I pray Almighty that you help Swazis see these wolves for what they are. Give Swazis the wisdom to see that we are now going to elections and suddenly we are getting gifts and we are being visited by people we have not seen in communities for a while. Let Swazis realise that a prophet or true leader will not ask them to make him or her leader but the people must just realise the qualities of a leader. Let Swazis not elect these wolves who have no interest of developing them. I pray Father and believe that you will hear my prayers, Amen.

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