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MBABANE – The fairest of them all!

This year will see the Miss Eswatini pageant crown its 31st anniversary queen. The competition has been yearly hosted been crowned without interruption since 1975.  This year the pageant returns with a new international feel. The big question on everyone’s mind is if the 2020 contestants will get special? The straightforward anwer is they won’t. All contestants will be treated the same, all applications will be vetted with the same diligence. President of pageants Eswatini, Catrien Potgieter mentioned that all entries were the same, because no final list was elected to any category back in March of 2020, hence the entries will be fair to all.

She further explained that they did not shy away from the fact that there were contestants  in 2020 who had prepared for the show, they were in speaking terms with , to encourage that they re-enter the competition and make sure that they adopt foreign pageantry trends. The online entry platform is now open for. Previous contestants will get flagged and their previous videos will get reviewed against their new ones. Potgieter explained that there was no financial loss incurred when the competition wasn’t running, as they managed to get their previous sponsors back on board.
Also worth noting is that, Miss Eswatini came to a temporal halt not entirely due to the 2020 pandemic, but  they felt that they needed to go back to the drawing board and find means to align with what the international pageants were doing.


This was in a bid to get to a world-wide standard and have the new found international  ways implemented. This is because the pageant sends six of their elected contestants to the international competition and this would give them a fighting chance. Miss Eswatini has not been competing in international stages such as Miss World and Miss Universe for the past 11 years and they plan to change that. The last queen to participate on one of these stages was Ayanda Dube, now Ginindza in 2012. The beauty pageant was last hosted in 2018, Nosipho Dlamini was crowned the queen, and she reigned for two years.

In 2020, Nondumiso Dlamini who was Miss Eswatini first princess was tasked with Miss Eswatini duties when Nosipho Dlamini, left the country to study in Taichung, Taiwan at the Providence University. Nosipho’s departure followed the second princess Sandra Mbhamali-Gama’s resignation after she got married in 2019. Gama resigned from the pageant before she got married, and excused herself from any duties. Meaning, Nondumiso was the only active beauty queen under Miss Eswatini. Nondumiso is expected to carry out Nosipho’s duties and crown the new queen this year.


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