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MBABANE – Channel Yemaswati has a new introspective and informative show titled,Political Eye.

The show is hosted by Linda Shongwe, it airs every Sunday at 8.30pm. This new programme gives viewers more insight into various topics around the globe, including; wars, coups, climate change, resources, foreign affairs and how Eswatini contributes across the globe. When reached for a comment, Shongwe said “We want to give people a clear picture of politics. We also want to bring forward foreign policies and trade agreements to light to bring people a clear picture of how politics in relation to other countries work,” said the host. He went on to say that they talk about topics that educate viewers and tap into markets which at times benefit military defense and investments.  He further said mostly they want to go forward to bring to the table enlightenment on political issues.

The show provides viewers with in-depth analysis on political fluctuations, both past and present as well as face-to-face interviews with some of the biggest players in the political spectrum .The show stands to ensure that viewers are always up to date with all the goings-on in the political world. It serves as a platform to assist the average liSwati in understanding the current and relevant issues faced around the world. For example, the Russia Ukraine war which has been making news headlines. Their purpose is basically to unpack all of the information in detail.
With the political world a pendulum ever in motion, an ever changing canvas often beset by news of coups, bouts of anarchy amongst many other forms of regime change, Political Eye seeks to uncover the method to these alarming issues.

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