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MBABANE – Prophetic! After hinting that this year’s HipNotik Festival could be the last one during a media conference four months ago, Swazi Jive Founder and Director Sakhile Nkambule has revealed that the hip hop music festival would be no more in Eswatini.

Nkambule made this public on his social media pages yesterday, where he also revealed that Swazi Jive offices, the home of HipNotik Festival and musicians located at Checkers in Mbabane, would be moved.

Founded in 2012 by Nkambule, the HipNotik Festival was an annual event held in the country, mainly at the beginning of July. The festival, over the years, had gained a huge following by fun lovers, hip hop music fans and the youth. It has been one of the most anticipated events in the country with an attendance of over 5 000 music lovers.

Nkambule said the reason for moving the hip hop festival from the country was because of growth, which was perpetrated by a very dark experience that exposed him to pain and suffering.

“I remember when we started the business, we used to look forward to the news just so we could read and hear all the praises about us. I could have never imagined that one day those praises would turn into constant criticism, and every mistake made we would be publicly crucified for,” said Nkambule.
In his statement, he confessed that his entertainment entity had been faced with challenges.

“As it stands, the HipNotik Festival is facing opposition from the Ezulwini Town Board and it is highly unlikely that we will continue with the festival in that particular region or the country as a whole,” he said.

However, he highlighted that a few companies were currently negotiating sponsorship deals to keep the brand going in the country.
“At the moment, however, HipNotik 2019 will not be in Eswatini,” he said.
Revealing some of the challenges that have been faced by Swazi Jive Entertainment, he highlighted that after launching the 2018 National Youth Summit early this year, it would also be put on hold because of lack of funding from the Youth Enterprise Revolving Fund and Swaziland National Youth Council.

“This led to reports about Swazi Jive taking legal action against the parastatals which were accurate. Not all litigation issues reported have been true or accurate which has led to us deciding to have a legal section on our upcoming website.

“This is where stakeholders will be able to view current issues our law firm is handling and/or lodge complaints in a formal manner,” he said.
All these reasons were said to make Swazi Jive Entertainment move their brand across borders.

Nkambule said he was almost in tears as he shared the post on social media pages.
Currently, he is working on his book titled ‘The Making of a Billionaire-Untold Stories and Lessons Behind Building a Business Empire’ which will be released in 2019.
In the meantime, other Swazi Jive acquaintances who did not want their identities to be revealed, confirmed that the HipNotik Festival has been moved from the country.


Following the controversial post that Swazi Jive’s Director Sakhile Nkambule posted, when going for print there were over 1 000 comments from the public as they shared their opinions on the matter, here is how some felt:

Comment One: You showed great strength and character all this time. You inspired the youth in so many ways. You broke barriers and records. We who have been following your work, we are proud of you. You have shown that all things are possible if you believe.

Though you may be facing a slump due to the problems you have highlighted I encourage you to soldier on with the vision. Go on and continue to succeed even if it is outside of Eswatini borders.

I can assure you that someday the environment will be much conducive to continue with the dream here. All I can say is nothing is lost. You still have the power to make it happen anywhere in the world.

Comment Two: Well Sakhile...I personally think it was based on how you handled things...
I remember one time you said ‘Stop Calling Me we are not friends’ the very same way you got into this is the way you can come out of it...with that said...there is still hope and to be honest...you made me who I am today...you brought challenge to me which made me step my game up...and I would say right now.
I wouldn’t want to see you break down yet I want you to challenge me more and give me more competition....I’m a peaceful person and if time allows you we need to meet so I can share something with you which might be very helpful. I hope one day you will find peace and I ask God to help you get through this...kute lamadze since this is also the only platform I will get to use to talk to you...

I would say, I’m not happy with what’s happening as I still want you to be able to get back up so I get sorted as well.
Comment Three: Mara eMtee wayisho lentfo watsi umuntfu lomnyama akafuni kubona umuntfu lomnyama eya phambili (eMtee did say that black people do not wish to see each other succeed).

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