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She has the booty, the hour glass figure, beautiful facial features, a nice smile and a beautiful soul to top it of.
Like many women, she has been labelled as a slay queen just because she loves looking beautiful!
In this day and age, women who love looking glamorous everyday have been labelled as slay queens and yes, it might be the right term but it has been strongly aligned with gold diggers.
The two terms have been intertwined, diminishing many women’s reputation.
Samu, who is mainly known for her ‘Nicki Minaj’ body slays but has goals, which is the distinction between her and the new ‘term’ of slay queens.
Before introducing the lady from Mhlume, it is fundamental to state the difference between slay queens and gold diggers.
Gold Diggers – People, mainly women, who date for money.
Traits: Accomodate different men who provide differently and they are referred to as ministers. Minister of finance for money, Minister of housing for rent, minister of transport for transport and other ministers for various items.
Slay Queens – Women who love looking beautiful.
Traits: They work or are studying but love looking fashionable.
They use what they have to be stylish.
They may have goals of studying or pursuing their studies and still look elegant while at it.
They are independent.
Samkelisiwe Mwelase is a beautiful girl who slays and has drams and she opened up to GCWALA on her dreams.

What have you always dreamt to become, and why?
I have literally always dreamt of being a traveller, exploring new places and meeting good people every time. Enjoying and learning different cultures and food all around the world.

We are aware that you are going to school, what are you going to study and in which country?
I am going to Taiwan, am grateful for the scholarship it is such a blessing and a beautiful opportunity, I’ll be studying towards a Bachelor in Business Administration degree. Education, for me is about experience really, even if I have all the ways of making money if I hit rock bottom education is something I can fall back on.
How did you become a fashion guru?
I am not really a fashion guru; my friends always say I can look well in anything, even if I can wear a sack

What advice would you give to young women in terms of slaying and selling their souls?
To all young girls out there get educated in order to get your own money, these men won’t really give us half of their wealth. The cents they give you amount to nothing. It’s old school to believe you will marry a rich guy who will take care of you. Life is unpredictable nowadays. So if you own something with your name on it, big ups!

Wise Words
The sky is not the limit there is a whole new world waiting for us out there, let’s not limit ourselves!!!

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