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What is your happy place?
Personally, it’s not anything physical that contributes to my happiness. For me, its more of a time where my mind is at its most useful and peaceful state. Being able to have control over my creativity in a contained and progressive environment, that is where my happy place lies. Oh and pizza!

Complete the sentence; everyone in their twenties should...........?
Give themselves a break. We are all fighting this invisible spot at the top that we’ve created in our minds. We are so hard on ourselves but when I look at this generation alone, it’s crazy how much we are achieving at such a young age. Therefore I think we just need to give ourselves a break, sit back and enjoy what’s good in the world.

What is your weakness?
I’m so lazy! If I don’t like something I probably won’t put in as much effort. It’s really not a good attitude to have.

What are your best traits?
I believe I am purely creative when it comes to what pleases the eye. I have a way with my words and the art of drawing people in, whether it is my personality or just my intuition. Its quite fun actually.

What are your worst traits?
I am quite rude sometimes I won’t even lie. My mouth gets me into so much trouble and I have a tendency of not accepting being treated badly regardless of your position or age. It is a weakness because sometimes you just have to play the fool even for just a bit. It’s the bigger picture that is important.

When was the last time you were really nervous and why?
When I still had a crush on my man. It’s not very often where you find someone who can actually ‘match up’ to whatever you see as important when it comes to character or personality.

Who are your current #MCM and #WCW?
My MCM is definitely my boyfriend and Skepta, but mostly my boyfriend. My WCW has to be Aleali, she is a model.

Who is your fashion icon?
Well I don’t really have only one because I draw inspiration from people not only in the fashion industry but just life in general.

Which celebrity, in your own opinion, always gets it wrong?
Ciara, her style team really doesn’t care hey.

Tell us one hot trend you just don’t care about.
Those curly eyebrow things. They really tried with that one hey!

Who is your role model and why?
My mother. That woman is like a real life superhero I swear. Her ability to show so much strength, resilience and positivity when everything around is falling apart is absolutely magnificent. She’s such a hard-worker. My mother makes me believe in God.

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