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MBABANE – Versatile!

Songbird Mandisa Mamba revealed her super powers and proved why she is one of the fastest growing artists in Swaziland during her first solo show dubbed ‘ The Super Power Experience’ last Saturday at the Swaziland Theatre Club in Mbabane. The ‘Hello America’ hitmaker revealed her dancing skills as she was dancing marvellously the whole night. The artist opted for hip hop dance moves and this captured the attention of the close to 100 attendees who were at the venue to experience Mandisa’s renditions. The artist was krumping, tutting, breaking, locking, boogalooing, twerking and popping throughout her performance. She managed to do all these hip hop dancing styles while on high heels, reaffirming her potential as a stage queen. In two of her songs, she collaborated with two professional dancers in her renditions. Her outfit for the night, which constituted of tracksuit pants, a bra inspired crop top and high heels, complimented her movements.

She also revealed that she can rap as in some of her songs, she pulled off  perfect rap lines which were, many times, done in a Jamaican inspired manner like the way United States of America star Rihanna does in some of her songs. Her performance lasted for just over an hour and with each song, her performance gained momentum. She also performed ‘Miss-Behave’ with King Terry and Mozaik and in their performance, revellers got to their feet and danced throughout ‘The Super Power Experience’. Mandisa revealed her new songs, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Jika’ during her performance. ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is an emotional and grey song which made the crowd grow intimate in their watch while ‘Jika’ is a dance song which is inspired by the 1960’s sound. The attendees loved ‘Jika’ and screamed ‘encore!’ after she performed it.

Also, Mandisa was celebrating her birthday on the night and King Terry, her partner in music, gave her a surprise birthday cake on stage. The songbird’s son was also on stage with them while they celebrated. Mandisa appreciated everyone who shared the night with her. “I would love to thank everyone who made this night possible and also, everyone who took some time out to come and watch me. “I wish to believe it was God’s doing for my show to be cancelled from March to this day, which is my birthday. I am also grateful to my sponsors,” she said.

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