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She may strike you like a slay queen who is more cautious about looks than anything else, but model Nicole Shabangu is a humble soul!
The 23-year-old beauty from Matsapha publicly embraces that she is a mother and she is proud of it.

Strutting in for an interview with Gcwala, Nicole, the mother of two-year-old Bayo Dlamini elicited serene beauty, accompanied by humility and respect. She resembled a woman who is content with what she has. Her smile while talking to her son was a million dollars.
As much as Nicole is one of Swaziland’s renowned models, she is also a loving mother who is not scared to share it with the world.


“I love my son and I love to show it to him and the world. My careers as a model will not limit the way I express myself about my son. It is not a norm, for people in my career to be associated with motherhood but I love my son,” said the beauty graciously.
Nicole revealed that she got her son when she had just finished her teenage years and this aspect of her life rattled her.

“I was forced to come on top of the situation. When I conceived my son I was a bit young but I knew that I had to cherish the life that was growing inside me. I emanated my motivation and strength from knowing that what is in me is a blessing.

Today, I do not judge myself over being a mother early; as much as it can be a challenge being a mother at a young age, I fully embrace it,” said the beauty.
Nicole made an example of internationally acclaimed model Victoria Beckham and locally respected model Coralee Vilakati, who are both mothers and models and they respect both aspects of their lives.

“These two models have been an inspiration to me. They are good mothers and they slay on the runway; and that is what I am all about,” said Nicole.
She revealed though, that she has been lucky to have a supportive baby daddy. She stated that in this day and age, it is a norm for men not to tend to their little ones but God was lucky enough to bless her with a caring one.

“It has not been an easy road for me to be honest, but I have had a fair share of my luck in the baby daddy aspect. To all the ladies who have suffered neglect from the fathers of their children, they should concentrate on their strengths so to make their children happy.
“Instead of following the man around, I advise them to gather their strength and resources in tending to their little ones. Also, prayer is fundamental in raising a child, as it inspires, soothes and changes a situation,” said the model.


People talk and they always will. This aspect of life has touched many local models, Nicole included. It is popular belief that models are aligned with beauty queens and they are ‘somehow’ not expected to have children.
“This belief is not true. Modelling is all about having the required features and the confidence; children are immaterial. Models are people and they also embrace family life. It baffles me that people can laugh at models who have children.

Being the positive person that I am though, I laugh at such gossip. Actually, I take it as a compliment,” she giggles.

Just a recap:
Nicole’s career took off two years ago when she approached Top Models Swaziland’s Director Mbalenhle Manana to join her agency.
“She kindly welcomed my request and auditioned me. After the auditions, I made the final cut and my modelling career took off,” she explained.

Currently, the beauty has been to Tshwane Fashion Festival, SADC Fashion Week. She was also offered the opportunity to be an usher during the Delphic Launch. She has also paraded the cup during the Swazi Telecom Cup and she is currently involved in SwaziBank promotional activities.

“I love what I do but this industry is tough in the country. Swazis do not take modelling seriously and they barely sponsor models. In fact, I would advise aspiring Swazi models to make modelling a hobby than a career. It is safer to have an education and/or career and model than have nothing at all,” she says.

She also added saying that modelling just attracts attention and nothing more than that.

Looking beautiful with Nicole:
‘‘I do not believe in too much make-up to look beautiful. I just believe in ample water and sometimes mixing the water with apple cider vinegar to detox. Also, I believe in squats which shape the body.’’

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