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MBABANE – The effort one makes in proving their worth can earn them more than they had bargained for. 

This rings true as REDI Director Dr Sikhomba Gumbi announced yesterday at the presentation of the E10 000 sponsorship package for one artist who will have an outstanding business plan.
The Entertainment Desk previously reported that REDI was sponsoring a package of E10 000 to one of the nominees who will be announced on June 3.

The nominees, as reported are expected to present their business plans to REDI and the best plan presented would determine who wins.
Artists in all categories are welcome to submit their plans.

When making his address at the presentation Gumbi revealed that depending on the passion and the drive of the eventual winner of this package, the sponsorship amount could possibly be topped up, adding that everything was dependent on whether the artist was willing to convince them with his/her effort.

Dr Gumbi added that REDI has been active over the years in supporting the Swazi Arts Industry as they have made various contributions such as paying artists’ exhibition fees, assisting artists to create their professional profiles, paying for artists’ studio time as well as music video recording, among other things. It was further highlighted that this was not the first time REDI worked with SWAMA as they were also involved during the T55 Talent Search which was a major success.

He added that their role in the contribution of the package was the fact that they were eager to see artists commercialise the arts into an income earning industry that helps them realise financial success for the long-term.
The sponsorship is part cash and partly covers services that will be offered to the winning artist to help establish their formal business, that will turn that winning business plan into an actual business.
Having made his speech, Dr Gumbi was followed by SWAMA President Lutfo Dlamini who expressed heartfelt appreciation for REDI’s generosity and role in improving the local arts industry.

He went on to say that they were formulating a partnership programme that would engage sales persons to promote and sell local music.
“If the music fails to sell then this reflects on its quality because consumer feedback is critical and this should then sway each artists efforts towards improving their material,” he said.

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