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MBABANE – The two major capital projects that have been recently commissioned will not only pump E3 billion into the economy, but will also benefit many other sectors across.

The new Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE) headquarters in Ezulwini and the Manzini Mall have been recently commissioned by His Majesty King Mswati III and Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade Manqoba Khumalo. The two projects are set to change the landscape of the towns being Manzini and Ezulwini. These two capital projects are set to be completed within the coming few year with the Manzini Mall expected to be completed by October 2025, while the CBE Complex Phase 1 is expected to be completed in a record time of 36 months.
The Manzini Mall will be constructed by Nthoese Development, which had already started clearing the land in order to commence construction.


These projects will, by extension, have positive impacts on the construction industry as a number of contractors are set to be engaged with many other sub-contractors. Speaking during the media engagement, the CBE Governor, Dr Phil Mnisi, said their project will benefit everyone from the major contractors to local residents, who now have a chance to earn a living. The governor said the bank will be transparent in the awarding of the construction tenders in order for suitable and qualifying tenderers to execute the project. Another sector that is set to benefit from these projects is the retail sector. In the Manzini Mall project, the retail sector will benefit, as more retail outlets will occupy the mall for different retail purposes. The retail sector is also going to benefit through the CBE complex in Ezulwini, as the bank’s employees and other users would use the nearby retail outlets in either Corner Plaza or The Gables to do their shopping.

The residential sector in terms of rented flats is also set to benefit immensely from these two projects as employees would have to rent out houses nearby. Manzini already has a lot of residential flats around the town and by the rate at which the town is growing, more houses would be needed. Meanwhile, property owners in Ezulwini would also need to build more houses to accommodate the employees who would be hired during the construction of the CBE Complex and those who would be hired even after construction. The banking sector would also be impacted by the development of these capital projects. As people get employed they open bank accounts and that is a benefit for the banking sector. This sector is also going to be impacted by the CBE headquarters, as it promises to provide improved services for the bankers.


The transport sector is another sector that is going to benefit from these projects, as employees on both projects would use public transport to commute from their residential places to work in these sites. More job opportunities will be created through these projects and such would help to curb the scourge of high unemployment in the country. Over 650 job opportunities will be available to emaSwati as earthworks have started at the Old Trade Fair Ground, where the Manzini Mall is being constructed. Nthoese Development founder and Managing Director (MD) Herbert Theledi said through the project, they would create about 4 000 job opportunities for emaSwati and 1 400 of them would be permanent, while 2 600 would be created during the construction phases.

He said this means that, through the project, they would touch the lives of about 40 000 emaSwati, because generally, the salary of an individual benefits about 10 people. Meanwhile, the development of the CBE complex has already created over 40 job opportunities for the residents of Lobamba Inkhundla. Speaking during the media engagement earlier this month, the CBE governor said the bank was proud to have contributed in these job opportunities as it has so far engaged a grand total of 40 people, including new hires who were doing part of the paint work.

He said they ensured a fair and transparent recruitment process by working together with Ezulwini Inkhundla and Bucopho. He said this way; everyone has a chance to be considered.
“We hire people with a variety of skills to meet the different demands of the project. While some specialised positions might be filled by those from outside the area, the majority of workers are local residents. We are thrilled about the potential for skills transfer during the project. We hope these newfound skills will empower emaSwati to start their own businesses in the future, creating a lasting positive impact,” said the governor.

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