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MBABANE – Eswatinibank’s performance exceeded auditors’ expectations as the bank generated profit despite a challenging year for the business community.

The bank emanated a profit of E29.236 million in the current reporting period. This was revealed in EswatiniBank statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income for the year ended March 31, 2022. EswatiniBank said gross income generated during the year amounted to E329.103 million, reflecting an increase of E5.296 million from the E323.807 million realised in the previous year. Gross income increased by 1.6 per cent and this was mainly due to growth in non-interest revenue and share of profit from associate investments. Net interest income generated during the year amounted to E133.032 million in 2022, from E137.141 million in 2021. This signifies a decrease by three per cent from the prior year.

The bank said the decline was due to the decrease in interest generated from bank balances. EswatiniBank also reported that it had a write-back in credit impairments amounting to E16.804 million. They said this was mainly due to the improved economic outlook and improvement in the loan book performance. “The full opening up of business activity helped improve the loan book performance,” they said. The bank also availed that non-interest revenue generated during the year amounted to E126.760 million from E117.179 million in the year 2021. They said the increase in non-interest revenue was mainly due to a positive movement in impairment gains in other financial instruments. Total operating expenses were E250.980 million and have increased by E3.184 million from E249.355 million incurred in the  prior year.

EswatiniBank said the marginal increase of 0.7 per cent was due to inflationary increase in other operating costs offset by a reduction in staff costs. The bank also reported that total assets increased by over E370 million from E2.477 billion in the previous year to E2.848 billion. They said statement of financial position growth of 15 per cent was driven by an increase in funding balances and special funds. Eswatinibank further availed that net loans and advances escalated by 19.8 per cent from E1.497 billion in the previous year to E1.773 billion in the current year. The bank said portfolios contributing to the loan book growth of E276.678 million were mortgage loans, asset fiancé an personal loans. “Loan provisions decreased by 13.1 per cent mainly due to the improvement in the performance of the loan book and improved economic activity. We will continue to monitor the loan book performance closely,” they said.
They further mentioned that funding balances comprised of  customer deposits and long-term borrowings. They said funding balances were E1.843 billion and have increased by E208.775 million, which translates to 12.8 per cent. They said they enjoyed growth on corporate deposits and also secured medium term funding which enabled the growth in the lending book.

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