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MBABANE – Out of the nine houses which had been lined up for auction to recover arrear rates and charges due to the Municipal Council of Mbabane, only three eventually went up for auction.

Out of the three which were lined up for auction, only two were sold. The vacant and developed properties located at Sidwashini South were sold for E96 000 and E153 000, respectively.
The Business Desk reliably learnt that the other six properties were revoked from the auction sale after the property owners settled what was due to the municipality.  


A notice of sale for the public auction had been issued by the Mbabane Magistrates Clerk of Court.
Four of the properties located at different parts of the capital city had been developed while five of them were reported to be vacant. 
The highest on the developed property list which  is located on Portion 32 of Plot 65 at Sidwashini South and had a reserve price of E424 000.


This was the same property that did not attract any bids.
The auction was held at the Mbabane Magistrates Court car park and conducted by Deputy Sheriff David Magagula.  
As per norm, if any dispute arises about any bid of property being sold pursuant to a writ of attachment, it may again be put up for auction.

If the auctioneer makes any mistake in selling, such a mistake shall not be binding on any of the parties, but may be rectified.


“If the auctioneer suspects that the bidder is unable to pay the deposit (of 10 per cent of the purchase price in cash on the day of the sale) or the balance of the purchase price, he may refuse the bid of such offer or accept it provisionally until the bidder has satisfied him that he is in a position to pay both such amounts,” reads public auction sale of property in part.


Further, if the purchaser gets normally liable to pay the auctioneer’s charges on the day of the sale and in addition, transfer dues, costs of transfer, taxes and other charges necessary.

However, it should be pointed out that this does not necessarily mean the same conditions will apply in this particular auction.
The Municipal’s Public Relations Information Officer Lucky Tsabedze has on numerous occasions advised that the council takes rates defaults issues to court as a last resort.


He has mentioned that council allows for negotiations for settlement of due rates and developed competitions to encourage ratepayers to pay up.            
An attorney, who preferred anonymity, explained that procedurally, the difference between the arrear rates due and final auction price should be remitted to the property owner after legal and other costs have been deducted.

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