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I have realised that, despite many saying it is okay to do something unethical so long as you are not caught, it is not, for the universe knows our deepest emotions and is pre-programmed.

In return it will always give us that which we are. For us to receive the best in our lives, it becomes imperative that we be true to self and always do the right thing and that which uplifts us. I observe in awe as numerous indulge in extramarital affairs, believing it to be all right as long as their spouses never discover it. However, when they later learn that they are not the only ones seeing their mistress, they then become disappointed and tend to bad-mouth the mistress yet they forget that they are doing exactly the same to their spouse. It is also not uncommon to observe many defiantly flout road traffic regulations in the misguided conception that since they will not be ‘caught’ it is proper to do so.

What they do not realise is that there are numerous who behave in that manner and, therefore, when they least expect and believe they are doing the right thing, some unconscious driver rams into them. Yet again they attract to themselves that which they practice. One observes as certain avoid carrying out their work meticulously and take shortcuts, perform haphazardly thinking that since no one has noticed, it is fine. Again how we do anything is how we do everything. In such instances it, therefore, would not be irregular for this sort of employee to be the first to be laid off during financially trying times as the ones we are presently encountering. What would make anyone think that special consideration would be extended to one who has no respect for their employer nor do they have any passion for their trade? Since the universe knows they don’t enjoy their work, it ensures they get dismissed.

There are numerous examples I could give, associated to various aspects in our lives. The objective of this article, however, is to bring to the fore that we can mislead others but we will never mislead the universe. It knows when an act is perpetrated to denote superiority, demean others, uplift or flatter; whether we have ulterior motives or whether we are doing same merely for validation and recognition or we are doing it simply because we love helping others. So the next time you encounter a situation that unsettles you, think back to your own past actions, that is, if like me you are interested in becoming the best version of yourself and desire to harness effortless abundance. To tap into the flow, prosper and achieve financial security effortlessly we have to be mindful of every single one of the thoughts, emotions, actions and intentions we hold. You cannot create a positive life with a negative mindset. (For the full article go to: www.inalda.co.sz)

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