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I’m probably going to make a video of this same topic before this column is published, that is how excited I am.
I feel like I must remind you guys that I have been writing this column since 2012 all the time – it’s because I can’t believe it!

I was a very young writer in 2012, having graduated only two years earlier, this meant I didn’t trust my voice heck I didn’t even have a voice yet.
So I took up this space with the intention to find my voice and I believe somewhere between 2013 and 2014 I did.

I said to myself all that I used to worry about, is what I was going to write about every single week because it mattered to me that it was liked by the readers.

Maintain authenticity
But now my approach is different – it still matters that it be liked by you guys but even more important than that is I have to like it, it has to be an authentic creation from myself. That is the only way it can resonate with those who read it.

In any case so last week I emailed my editor Mr Phephisa Khoza for what, it turned out, was to be the last time. I was so taken aback because he made me a better writer, a more considered one, was really patient with me as I tried to find my voice and when I did he helped me maintain authenticity.

So I sent him a WhatsApp message to let him know to check his email (I have to do this because I always submit late) and he read it and said ‘thank you. Elvis is leaving the office permanently today’.

I asked who Elvis was and what was going on and for him to stop being cryptic he was making me stressed. Then he explained that after a show Elvis Presley would always say ‘Elvis has left the building’.
Two days after this I began watching a show called Greenleaf and that exact line was referenced. It made me take pause and smile.

Curated based

Now Greenleaf is a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) about a Bishop’s family, the church he leads, his fraught relationship with his children and the perils of leading sinners anywhere. It’s a fantastic show.
I watched two seasons in three days.

Anyway on Tuesday evening I saw a post on Facebook posted by a pastor’s child and she was talking about the difficulty of watching your parent being mistreated for answering his call from the Lord.
She spoke of how although it was her father who was called to minister they all lived a life based on his obeying God.
These are all random seemingly unrelated things but a comment my former editor made, revisited me on a show I watched and the subject matter of the show popped up on my Facebook feed.
I know Big Brother is watching and everything is curated based on what we say around our phones or whatever. But it made me consider how we have to be careful about the things we let into our lives, the things we expose ourselves to.

Different experiences
How life leaves us little clues and any thought we entertain or allow to develop can well and truly manifest. When this was happening I always paused to acknowledge and link it to why it felt familiar.
I experience déjà vu the exact same way.

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