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Last week, I said I was writing the last article about the Municipal Council of Mbabane, as well as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development and the embattled Chief Executive Officer, Gideon Mhlongo.

However, due to subsequent demands of other concerned parties who wanted their sides of the story to be heard, I may have to reconsider my decision to close the chapter so that I can enable them to have an opportunity to give their sides of the story and correcting the misinformation which was directed to Reverend.Solomon Nxumalo.

Nxumalo and his associates were accused of  plotting treason against the King and country through their Kairos Document.
A leading Christian leader was quoted as having accused those Christian leaders of having committed treason and therefore deserving of punishment.

 To those who do not know what a Kairos is and why these Christian leaders saw its need in 2009 after the country had experienced serious conflicts.
Responding to that threat of a possible conflagration; they formed what they called the Swaziland Christian Church Leaders Forum whose key objectives were and still are to empower believers to be ready and well equipped to preach peace with justice, which must help this nation to achieve its own peace with justice in order to achieve inclusive development that will benefit the majority of the people.

Rev. Solomon Nxumalo was the founder pastor of this entity, and therefore, he is not a terrorist as the statement sought to portray him as.
I shall delve into more details about this subject on the next column.

Watch this space!police brutality 

Today I shall be tackling the issue of police brutality against unarmed and peaceful protesters such as the one we saw last Friday, on June 29, 2018 when fully armed and vicious police were seen beating up protesting members of TUCOSWA who simply wanted to deliver their petition to the offices of the Deputy Prime Minister.
In the process, scores of innocent citizens who were exercising their constitutional rights were seriously injured.

This was much against the backdrop that these people had legally applied and obtained the permission to march in the city in order to deliver their petitions to the relevant ministries and departments.
They were protesting against what they saw as the growing misuse of their funds by some retirement funds entities.

brutalising our children

Fortunately, I was in Mbabane at the time.  I had to wait in jammed traffic while the police were brutalising our children. It was annoying to any sound minded person.
But of course, this is what the police have come to be known for since the exit of the late Prince Mbilini’s - our then Prime Minister. Notably, since he vacated office as the premier, the police have become brutalisers of the same people they are supposed to protect; especially trade unionists and students.

When talking to the unions, I was told that the police attacked them without being provoked.

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