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Having a puppy is the most wonderful thing to happen in a human’s life. You can imagine how beautiful my life is because I have one, I hope you have one too.

I pronounce a blessing upon you! I’m not an animal person and I’ve had frenzy with the chickens at first, and when we got dogs, chickens became these noisy creatures that disturb a phone call or an episode of your favourite show especially if the hen is sitting on the window sill, just waiting to ruin your day.

The dogs, they are perfect, mischievous but perfect. Not to brag but if they were human, they’d be geniuses. Basically I’m saying, if you cannot deal with people, get a dog while you and God work on your issue.

I’d like to think I try my best to deal with certain ‘people’ issues and that qualifies me to be a people person. Some people are such angry human beings lashing out on everybody around them over something so little.

You see, it’s one thing being furious at someone for burning the house down and another thing being angry about why there was ever a matchstick invention in the first place.

I understand that as human beings, we have feelings but we are also wired to be able to able to contain and control our feelings if need be. Public servants as we all know, are so rude at times, you never know why a smile is so expensive to them.  Angry folks are the worst. Anger is transferable and is contagious. Often times when one person is angry, the other person in the room develops an attitude as well such that the whole room has a bad aura and nobody wants to visit the office.

 I had a teacher at school, it wasn’t that she hated her job or disliked children, she just was an angry person.
There is always the notion that a kind person is walked all over and that one should practice being mean quite often to put some people in their place. Well, maybe.
It’s actually a reasonable philosophy. However, if there is a chance that you could do something that would help more than yourself, take it.
Things should not always have limited beneficiaries’ people! We appreciate self-awareness and consciousness of the human nature but what does God say about people?

Simple, He says love them as you love yourself. In other words, if you could buy yourself a pair of Jordan sneakers, you should be able to buy one for your neighbour if need be. It means if you don’t like to be yelled at because it takes away from your ego, don’t yell at someone else then.

If you slander about your neighbour, they could gossip about you too and that would  be the measure of how you love your own self.
We often don’t see these things when they are reciprocated.

What you get from others, is actually a measure of how you love your own self. See, I understand that we have no control over what people think and feel about us, but in how others treat us, there is always a degree of how much we love our own selves.

Do unto others as you would like to be done unto you. If you hate, you should expect that others hate you back and that is how much you love yourself, or in this case, hate yourself. Here’s another perspective, we are all like God. If you call another insecure, you are saying God is insecure and therefore you yourself are insecure.

This is the knowledge we lack. When The Bible says there ought to be no bad word that escapes from your lips, it is protecting us from God’s wrath and from the demonstration and practicality of the uttered words. The command is to love people.
Where and when does a problem develop between strangers?

I don’t follow. What could a stranger have done to you? When I walk into a room or sit in a kombi, I always greet the people I find unless I’m absent-minded because university is more than capable of draining a human being. One should deal with their personal issues in order to be able to accommodate someone else.

Once these issues are dealt with, then you could bring in someone else.
It’s like we always insist on ruining somebody else’s day because we failed to check ourselves when we woke up. We need to understand that this exposes our true selves.

We could only give out what we have so if you love yourself sufficiently, you would be able to fulfil the commandment and love others sufficiently as well. If you produce anger, it exposes your heart.
Why are you giving me anger? Probably because that’s all you have within you; no love at all.
So get a puppy.

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