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SWADNU ex-Secretary General takes potshots at teachers

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MBABANE - Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union (SWADNU) erstwhile Secretary General Sibusiso Lushaba has accused teachers of being unprofessional.

The harsh sentiments posted by Lushaba on Facebook followed the booing of SWADNU’s Second Deputy President, Augustine Bheki Dlamini on Saturday during the World Teachers Day celebrations.

Some SNAT executive members tried to calm down the teachers but their attempts seemed to fuel the booing as it intensified.

In response to this incident Lushaba hit back and said: These teachers didn’t boo this innocent nurse but booed the thousands of registered nurses and retired nurses residing in the kingdom. This is because this individual was elected by nurses and was representing nurses. Teachers showed us how unprofessional they can be."

"While some were on strike many others were working. The courts declared their strike illegal but they chose to go ahead with it. They got punished for that. Did they expect nurses to join them in this madness? We are professionals and we think before we take a decision."

SNAT Secretary General Muzi Mhlanga declined to comment on the matter.

SWADNU Executive Secretary, Nathi Kunene, distanced the organisation from Lushaba’s statement.

"As an organisation we believe that every member of the organisation reserves the right to publicly state their opinion and how they feel about certain issues. However, we believe that as partner organisations to TUCOSWA, we all need each other in order to execute a successful struggle," said Kunene.


However, Kunene added that distancing themselves from Lushaba’s statement does not mean SWADNU condones the incident that occurred during the World Teachers Day celebrations.

On Tuesday, SNAT declared its interest in pulling out of its alliance with TUCOSWA. SNAT President Sibongile Mazibuko said the SNAT supreme body felt strongly about the union’s ‘barren’ affiliation to the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA), where SWADNU is also an affiliate.

Lushaba could not be reached for comment. The last call was made at 8:20 pm.


- This man maybe right..maybe. Teachers acted unprofessionally by going on strike. The problem is when he chickens out when confronted on his comments. I don't believe the nurse was playing gossip on facebook for if he was then I pity my country. Stand for what you believe in mnaka, teach your children the same maybe some day we will see a better Swaziland. We expect the learned to show the way but we get too many educated Swatis.
November 15, 2012, 8:00 am, Gecee

- i dont know how we are going to advise these so called labour unions on industrial engagements and struggle. the friction among them on trivial issues is a direct replication of how thy can hold office in a new political despensation. Okay, here yuo can realise that there is no conscious of the whole exercise of liberation of labour and political issues, some incumbents are being manipulated and they are oblivious to it. the disintegration of the activities of such reveals the immaturity and non composed stature of those at the forefront of struggle for liberation. there are no clandestine trends to evade bad publicity, no capacity building fora, strategically placed to enrich processes of engagements. mmm!, "sitayicela ivutsiwe", it seems it will take forever to achieve your objectives "majaha", given your fragile hearts which are preoccupied by issues of trivia. "the know it all" government spokesperson impacted something more positive in my life when he presented a musical programme called "morning cruise" he would as an introduction, sing parises to the king which i think he used to score political points, then utter an authoritative statement "THERE IS NO FUTURE IN THE PAST, ONLY MEMORIES BRINGS SORROWS". These are powerful words which these so called unions and progressives should live by to sustain thier mandate to deriving thier disired outcomes. i hasten to mention that thier objectives must be put forward stark clearly and their mandate articulated transparently so that they make sure they sail in the same ocean using the same boat and they should make sure that the tune of thier voices is the same. before they confuse even emphathisers
November 15, 2012, 3:06 pm, stanley sangweni

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