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Innovation, success draw King to jewellery magnate

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NEW YORK, USA – His Majesty the King has described how innovation and the successful development of what is now a world renowned product in a highly competitive environment caught his attention.

Taking this success and sharing it with the less privileged members of society further cemented American businessman Jacob Arabo, of Jacob & Co., a place close to His Majesty’s heart.

These characteristics, the King said, are what he desires of the Swazi people as the country looks to overcoming its economic and social challenges.

Jacob and Co. is renowned for designing jewellery for private clients who include the ‘who’s who’ of the global entertainment and sports industry. The likes of football star David Beckham, actors George Clooney, Kate Perry, singers Madonna, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Hudson, Ciara are just a few of the names on the client list.

Jacob and Co. recently held a live charity auction which helped raise US$153 000 (over E1.2m) for the Monegasque Association Against Muscular Dystrophy. The proceeds will support research to help end this debilitating neuromuscular disease that affects nearly 250 000 children, teenagers and young adults globally.

"When I had seen and learnt of all your activities, I knew then that I wanted to meet a man of such character," he told guests at a dinner hosted in his honour by the businessman on Saturday night.

The King said when the opportunity availed itself, he was pleasantly surprised to find a humble, God fearing someone.

"Since then, I have always stayed in touch with Jacob and his family. Time has not always been on our side due to national and international commitments, but I am glad that today we have been able to have dinner," said the King.

His Majesty invited the businessman to visit Swaziland where locals have a lot to learn from his success.

"Swazis are hardworking, peace loving people who have kept to their culture which keeps us unique, especially at a time when many people in Africa have lost their culture.


 It is our commitment to our identity that has helped the country maintain its stability which is what business needs," he said.

The King appreciated the exceptional hospitality and invited all those present to join Jacob and family in visiting Swazi-land, assuring them of excellent hospitality.

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