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Hold fast to the Bible - King

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LOBAMBA – His Majesty King Mswati III has urged the nation to hold fast to the Bible and be wary of being drawn to the love of money as per King Somhlolo’s vision for the country.

He said for a nation to survive, it needs vision as without it, people perish.

The King, who was represented by Prince Logcogco, was speaking during the last day of the Somhlolo Festival of Praise held at the Somhlolo National Stadium on Sunday.

Historians state that one night before his death, King Somhlolo had a vision. They say in the morning he called his councillors and told them that he had dreamt of white skinned people who would arrive in the country with two things, umculu and indilinga.

This was translated to mean a book (the Bible) and money.

King Somhlolo said in his vision it was made clear that Swazis should pick the Bible and steer clear of money.

King Somhlolo, also known as King Sobhuza I, reigned between 1815 and 1836.

Before delivering the King’s speech on Sunday, Prince Logcogco told the less than 200 congregants that His Majesty had wished to attend the service, but he could not because the royal family was bereaved following the death of Umlondolozi Inkhosikati LaZwane, wife to King Sobhuza II.

"This is a vision to follow because it reminds us of the warning that we are not to be lovers of money but lovers of God.

"God warned the Swazi people not to love money and today I want us to remember what God said to the Swazi people. He said we should take the book (Bible), which God also gave to Joshua and said he shall feed daily on this book and shall neither turn to the right nor left of it so that he may prosper in whatsoever he does," he said.

His Majesty said this was what God was telling the Swazi nation, that when we are happy as a nation, it must be our guiding principle, same as in times when we are faced with challenges and difficulties, it must remain our greatest instructor and comforter.

King Mswati III said when one looked at the world, one could tell that the love of money was the driving factor today, but as a Swazi nation, we were lucky to have been forewarned about these things.

"Culturally, when a person informs you of a matter before his death, that matter becomes a cause for concern and must be followed up with the greatest attention and care.

"We have heard that Somhlolo never lived to witness the fruition of the vision and when Mswati II took the throne, he made it his personal interest to implement it," he said.

His Majesty further told the congregants that upon assuming the throne, King Mswati II immediately consulted his advisors and informed the nation about the vision. He then dispatched a party to go and look for these men who carried the book and the coin.

"That is why we shall continuously embrace the gospel as Swazi people because God planned this in ancient times and spoke to the King in a vision and the word tells us that without vision the people perish," he said.


Some of the people who attended the event included Minister of Home Affairs Prince Gcokoma, Minister of Agriculture Clement Dlamini and Dr Samuel Hynd.


I hope those in parliament are listening as this is directed to them and circular No. 1 that is killing this country, PM listen to what the king is saying....
Jul 24, 2012, 12:30 PM, Fezzy

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