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Locals can sell electricity to SEC

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EZULWINI – Locals will now be able to generate electricity and sell it to the Swaziland Electricity Com-pany (SEC).

Swaziland joined the rest of the world in commemoration of World Environment Day during a colourful event held at the Royal Swazi Sun Convention Centre on Wednesday.

Lindiwe Ntshangase the Senior Energy Officer at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy (MNRE) said, "SEC is no longer a monopoly so individuals can produce their own electricity and sell it to the grid."

She said, if for example you are generating solar energy for use in your household or business, you will now be able to sell the excess to SEC.

This is an incentive to encourage people to invest in solar energy and energy conservation measures. According to Peterson Dlamini from the MNRE, they are still working on the Feed-in Tariff Framework which will stipulate how the electricity will be sold and managed.

The event was coordinated by the Swaziland Environmental Authority (SEA), in conjunction with UNDP, Illovo, SEC, KOBWA, SNTC and many more partners. During the day, there were environmental seminars in which the various stakeholders made presentations about what their sectors were doing in terms of conserving the environment, promoting sustainable development and moving towards a ‘green economy’.

The seminars were opened by Stephen Zuke from SEA, who began by giving a brief summary of the road from Rio 1992 to Rio+20. He said that the original Rio report of 1992 outlined what had led to the depletion of our global natural resources, that land degradation was high and also that some species had become extinct. "During that summit," he said, "we drew up an agreement to promote sustainable development."

The acting PS in the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs said, before introducing Minister Mduduzi Dlamini; "We can’t hope for a better Swaziland than a country where we create employment opportunities while protecting the environment."

The minister officially opened the celebrations as well as the Green Expo. He expressed his concern over the fact that mankind’s ecological footprint far exceeded the planet’s capacity to regenerate itself. "We are no different from someone who finances his ‘glittering lifestyle’ through borrowing from shylocks," he said. The Green Expo consisted of numerous companies, municipalities and individuals who were showcasing their green products and practices. Some of the stalls that were present showcased handicrafts, solar geysers and various recycling ideas.


 The minister then took a tour around the expo, looking at the green products and services that were on display.

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