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Poachers target baboons, elephants, giraffes and hippos

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MBABANE – The army has warned that poaching is not only limited to livestock and game, in particular rhinos, as elephants, baboons, giraffes and hippopotamus are also a target.

These animals are targeted for their fat, which is then smuggled to South Africa and Mozambique.

The fat is described as tissue fats that can be obtained from a variety of animals, according to wikipedia.org.

According to the army Public Relations Officer, Major Khanya Dlamini, they recently busted a syndicate which specialises in the poaching of such animals for their fat.

This is contained in the USDF annual report for 2011 on things that were controlled by the army.

Most of the smuggling activity is centred in northen Hhohho at an area known as kaJoel. Beside the animal fats, elephant skin was also found by patrolling troops in the same area.

During the year under review, the army was able to prevent the smuggling of 181 goats to South Africa. The goats were being smuggled in different parts of the country.

A total of 123 cattle were recovered after being smuggled to South Africa and Mozambique

army catch South Africans trying to smuggle gold

MBABANE – The illegal mining of gold in the country continues unabated as the army caught about three South Africans trying to smuggle it out of the country.

The men were also found to be in possession of Kruger coins.

However the value of both the coins and gold could not be ascertained as all the items were handed over to the police together with the suspects.

It is suspected that they obtained the gold from locals who continue to engage in illegal mining in the country.

Army Public Relations Officer, Major Khanya Dlamini said a bag full of precious stones was controlled at an area known as kaJoel, northen Hhohho.

Dlamini said it was unfortunate that the minerals were not weighed before the suspects were handed over to the police.

"Though I may not recall the exact number of suspects, I am sure they were not more than three. However, only one was carrying the bag. After being arrested they were handed over to Buhleni police," said Major Dlamini.

He further stated that the army also controlled a bag with 15 pieces of copper at Nsalitje, Shiselweni.

Dlamini thanked the public for alerting the arm of smuggling activities that occur along the country’s border.

"I would also like to thank the Royal Swaziland Police who are always working with us," he said.

Dlamini warned against such illegal activities adding that army personnel are always strategically deployed along the country’s boundaries to prevent illegal border crossing and smuggling.

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