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Teachers banned from wearing jeans at school

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HLATIKHULU - Teachers at Hlatikhulu Central High School have been banned from wearing jeans and T-shirts at school.

The directive was issued by the Principal, Nomkhosi Kunene, during one of the staff meetings.

She is alleged to have threatened to deal accordingly with teachers who came to school dressed casually in jeans, takkies and T-shirts and insisted on a formal dress code at all times.

Sources said she told male teachers to always wear neckties and also advised female teachers to wear clothes that would not expose their breasts or any part of the body.

The principal’s point, according to sources, was that she wanted her teachers to be disciplined and look presentable to the pupils.

She said pupils lose concentration in class if a teacher conducts lessons wearing clothes that expose his or her body parts like breasts.

Some of Kunene’s directives, however, are said to have not gone down well with most of the teachers who have since questioned the logic behind them.

The male teachers were not happy with always wearing a necktie and argued that they could still look formal and presentable without one.

"Look we are not against our principal. We appreciate her effort to instil discipline by insisting that we dress formally.

"However, we fail to understand why she insists that we wear a necktie because I could still look formal and presentable without putting one on. "I also look formal even when wearing jeans.

"We tried to raise some of these concerns but she stood her ground," the source said.

When reached for comment, Kunene expressed disappointment that a matter which was discussed at a staff meeting was leaked to the media.

She said the banning of jeans and T-shirts was a way of promoting and instilling discipline among teachers and pupils.

She said it was included in the school rules and regulations that a teacher should be disciplined and dress formally to be accorded the respect he or she deserved as a professional and for the pupils to emulate his/her behaviour.

Woe unto teachers, pupils drunk from buganu

HLATIKHULU - The principal of Hlathikhulu Central High School, Nomkhosi Kunene, vowed to ‘deal with’ teachers and pupils caught drinking marula brew (buganu) at school.

Kunene said consuming intoxicating substance by pupils was strictly prohibited.

She warned pupils in the morning assembly against smoking and drinking alcohol and from other deviant behaviour.

"I made it clear during admissions and the morning assembly that I will not tolerate pupils and teachers who come to school drunk, especially after drinking marula brew.

"Intoxicating substances destroy one’s future and it is up to us teachers to prevent this. As teachers, we play a crucial role towards shaping the future for the young ones and the banning of intoxicating substances is one way. This is also part of disci-pline," Kunene said. The prin-cipal also banned pupils from carrying cellphones to school. She said cellphones found In their possession would be con-fiscated and handed over to the parents, after a serious discus-sion, at the end of the year.

Principal wants better results

HLATIKHULU - The principal of Hlatikhulu Central High School Nomkhosi Kunene said she wanted an improvement from last year’s Form III and V examinations results.

She said the starting point was through instilling discipline in teachers and pupils by dressing formally.

The school is one of those that performed well in the 2011 JC exams results. A total of 46 pupils sat for the examinations and they all passed. Only one passed with a Merit, 38 got Second Class passes while seven got Third Class passes. There were no First Class passes.

Analysing the Form V results, Kunene said her school improved in the 2011 overall results and was ranked position 33 compared to position 45 which they attained in 2010.

"I have been at this school for the past 10 years and the results we got last year made us happy and it is an indication we can do better.

"We want to be counted among the best in the country and compete against schools like Evelyn Baring High in the region next year. "This starts with discipline and therefore teachers ought to be dressed formally and presentably at all times," she said.

Consensus needed’

HLATIKHULU - Muzi Mhlanga, Secretary General of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT), said a consensus ought to be reached by both parties regarding the issue of the dress code.

According to Mhlanga, the administration of Hlatikhulu Central High School and teachers needed to engage in a round table discussion and consider other factors defining formal wear. "The principal is right by insisting on a formal dress code but I think it is not correct to suggest male teachers should always wear neckties.

"I may not wear a necktie but look formal and presentable before the pupils and members of society. Does it mean teachers who teach practicals should also wear neckties even when going to the gardens or conducting technical drawings lessons?

"There are also jeans that are formal and we can wear them to class. I think the problem arises when female teachers, for example, wear pants to school. Without any doubt, pupils will be distracted because some of these pants expose some body parts. "A factor the principal ought to consider is that Hlatikhulu is very cold so maybe the jeans are a necessity. There must be cooperation between both staff and administration and both parties should reach a consensus," Mhlanga said.

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