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Rehabilitation of MR3 Highway to cost E1bn

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MANZINI - The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has revealed that the future rehabilitation, upgrading and maintenance of the MR3 Ngwenya-Manzini road will cost an estimated E1 billion in the next 10 years.

This was said during the scoping meeting held at the Manzini City Council chambers on Saturday.

Present during the meeting was the Ministry of Public Works and Transport Project Manager, Linda Magagula, the main consultant in the project, Richard Gordon from Gibb Africa, junior consultant, Joe Mokgokong, Manzini City Council’s Madoda Dlamini.

Also present were concerned members of the public who included Walter Bennett and residents of Mhlaleni, where the Manzini toll gates will be constructed.

Gordon said about E1 billion would be necessary for the next 10 years and E2 billion over the 20-year planning horizon.

He said tolls on the road are scheduled to commence by February 2013.

"The Toll Roads Management Company is to pay tolls into a dedicated account and the revenues are to be used for toll road operations, maintenance and rehabilitation, safety, intersection and capacity improvements and future national route toll road expansions," he said

Gordon said a competitive bidding process will be followed in order to sel- ect an operator for the project.

He said Swazi citizen empowerment and job creation targets were stipulated in the bid process to maximise local participation and skills development.

Gordon said the tollgates will enable government to use its budgets to provide other services.

"The tolling of the Ngwenya-Manzini MR3 road will secure the future maintenance, rehabilitation and upgrading of this vital economic link for the citizens of the country. It will also deliver immediate infrastructure improvements to the MR3," he said.


Swaziland does not need toll gates, that will cause a huge consumer loss. How much would the Manzini-Mbabane public transport users pay if toll gates are introduced? Government has to find other means, such as increasing road tax by E5, or attaching to the petrol prices. please someone with power think about this.
Apr 4, 2011, 9:57 AM, thinker (thinking@mymail.com)

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